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JJoolz  (over 5 years ago)

Rockin' In Scotland to your sounds.
Lovin' it! I'll be back for more.
Support & Respect from JJoolz

Mary Dunham King
Mary Dunham King  (over 5 years ago)

Hey Mark, just checkin' out tunes for the show. Love your music, so glad to have you aboard the MuseBoat and on my Planet Indie show.
Thanks, Mary Dunham King

Cindy Lee Alden
Cindy Lee Alden  (over 5 years ago)

Nice tight sound...great guitar work!

QueenLadyMaeRecords  (over 5 years ago)

YOU ARE AMAZING and should be with the BIG GUYS ON STAGE

Ratu Idola
Ratu Idola  (over 5 years ago)

wow.. awesome...

The Owegi Band
The Owegi Band  (over 5 years ago)

Played your full set of tunes - great stuff...

Kazz  (over 5 years ago)

Thanks for the support!!! Nice tracks esp. Waiting for the Sun! Keep up the great work!

Trebor Sor
Trebor Sor  (over 5 years ago)

I love this! This is like 70s rock, pure and raw and not overproduced or over-EQ'd, etc. Great tunes here.

Holy Kiss
Holy Kiss  (over 5 years ago)

hey killer rock...good ole days...God Bless

miss black
miss black  (over 5 years ago)

loved the music .. great voice and i dont knw everything is gr8 keep it up and the best of luck :)