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Talentlotto gives artists a chance to shop their materials as well as themselves as artists to the industry and companies and labels whom may be looking for new artists or new material. This is for progressed artists whom are looking to be signed to shop their music to outlets such as television and television shows and commericals. Also industry professionals are aware of these new artists. MaxxOut gives artists a chance to show the industry their fanbase and that investing in them or signing them would be a wise decision. It also gives artists a opportunity at a weekly income of $20,000 for the #1 artist on the chart and $10,000 for the #2 artist on the chart and $5,000 for the #3 artist on the chart a great opportunity for upcoming artists and djs.

MaxxOut Weekly Open to Artists and Djs

Checkout MaxxOut Weekly $20,000 weekly for the week's #1 artist or dj $10,000 for #2 on the charts $5,000 for #3 on the charts. Visit http://www.talentlottomaxxout.com to get involved!!!

Max Out!!!! Max Out!!!!

It is right around the corner!!! Not Weeks or Months so please as I tell you all to work on posting up a project or a single..promote it as you will have to when max out comes along. Fans are key to winning so use this time to find who they are because if they support you now...they will when max out goes viral-TalentLotto

Chance Willz
Chance Willz  (over 5 years ago)

where do we post it?

Fan Base=$20,000

In order to be a successful artist at Max Out...your fan base is key. I see allot of artist blow up themselves as a great artist, producer, musician, etc., but their fan base isn't showing it. I hear artist worry about when Max Out will start and some think it won't happen but sure enough it will. For those wanting to be in Max Out and who are serious about their career... I want you to "WORK ON YOUR FAN BASE". Posting music on Talentlotto's facebook will not get you any further then you push yourself. Max Out will not be successful for you if you don't have a fan base so in the mean time..take time out to promote a mixtape, a single, a album, or even a video on your facebook,twitter, etc.. and let the fans you have show us your ready for Max Out. Allot say they are ready and complain about the time frame but could be taking this time to reach more fans. Hope this blog encourages a artist such as yourself to get your grind on because remember...your fan base now..will reflect your fan base for Max Out. Release singles and mixtapes and have fun and let us know you progress. -Talentlotto

Jamil'lion  (over 5 years ago)

I will try to accomplish my fan base i might be my on promoter an know thats going to make its difficult but im going to give it my effort. Thank you again Talent fore giving me this opportunity

Donny Skhi
Donny Skhi  (almost 4 years ago)

My fanbase is pretty solid and growing everyday. and with a new project in the pipeline I'm ready to go. Do I have your attention? www.lvstgold.com
Donny Skhi on Reverbnation. #1 in St. Louis on the rap charts.(No small feat)

Max Out

Giving artist from all around the world a chance to earn $20,000 WEEKLY!! More Soon to come. Follow us @Talentlotto

CRUZAMATIC  (over 5 years ago)

what do i need to do 2 be apart of this!