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Toronto, ON - (AP) - April 15, 2013 – The Greater Toronto area based “classical with an edge” vocal sensations will be exciting the elite at this year’s Vaughn Film Festival on Friday, April 19, 2013. The quartet will be performing two songs off their first album, ones chosen for their “dance elements and great beats” to electrify the crowd.

Known for their dramatic stage presence, the band’s style is described as “classical with an edge” and the edge is what makes Naria contemporary and exciting. Others have described the band’s sound as a worldly mix of classical opera, pop and techno. “That’s why I think the drama in our performance and our songs just fits. It’s almost like it’s too much for pop, but sense we have the opera background it makes it more natural.” For Naria, their music is not only meant to be heard by the ears, but to be felt in the heart. Katya explains, “If you have ever been to a classical music concert, most of the time you don’t know what the story is about. That’s why it is called classical because it is able to reach right into your heart.” Naria believes that their music is as much about the harmonies, dynamics and drama as it is about the words. The goal of their April 19th show is to touch people lives, to make them feel something, to tell a story and bring beauty into the moment “I believe that beauty and love can save the world; it’s something universal that everybody can relate to.” Said Katya

Every band has a come-together story, but for Naria the experience was much more organic than most, driven by passion and chemistry. Katya Tchoubar, one of the opera powerhouses, spent time organizing folk/pop groups while living in the Ukraine. It did not take her long to realize that she should be the one behind the microphone. “I realized I should sing because it was in my heart. I just needed to find my technique,” Katya explained. Through European influences, Katya was guided to discover her passion and talent in Opera. After moving to Canada, she was drawn to teach others, which led her to student and fellow band mate Annaliese Jelilian. The two other puzzle pieces known as Anna Bateman and Michelle Danese, fell into place and Naria was born. “Every girl in the group is just as passionate as the next. None of us is interested in anything on our own – we enjoy working as a group the most, “ said Katya.

The band has spent the past two years focused primarily on gathering a professional team to further their musical reach. However, when they heard of the opportunity to perform at Vaughn they simply couldn’t resist. Band member Michelle Danese comes from an Italian background, such as the organizers of the credited film festival. This was yet another organic connection that the ladies could not overlook. Vaughn is only the beginning for this talented, international group’s 2013 set of live performances. In July, they will be opening for the Toronto Waterfront Festival, will be featured in the Toronto Showcase in June and, as a tribute to their adoring fans, will be releasing a six track album of classical covers in May. Naria is also well underway on their third original album that Katya describes as, “amazing and ground breaking – truly an international album”. Keep your eyes, ears and hearts open for Naria in 2013.


Los Angeles, CA (AP) - Studio City Entertainment Group has just acquired Time Zone Records, details will be available in the coming weeks!!!!!!!!

Natasha Hansen on the Rise

Los Angeles, California -- *[publish date will go here]* / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Natasha Pearl Hansen, up and coming stand-up comedian, is next in line to make the world laugh uncontrollably. Natasha has written for, produced and performed in shows all across the United States and Canada. She's worked with top writers, comedians and already has the internet buzzing about her relatable approach to comedy. There's no doubt that Natasha will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Natasha Pearl Hansen, also known amoungst her peers as the female "NPH", discovered that comedy was her path when she was at the young age of 16 years old. She wrote a series of books that famed in her Wisconsin hometown as "Natasha's books of random thoughts". After her books were a success, she went to college and studied Theatre, Pre-med, and Psych. She then decided to merge her love for all three into a comedy niche. Natasha draws her inspiration from the queen of TV, Lucille Ball. Having watched all of the old time favorites such as Taxi, I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show, NPH has an approach to comedy that reminds us of why the edgy quality of these shows was so admired. Natasha's comedic style can be best described as the hilarious friend who's sense of humor has been fine tuned for the stage.

She began her career at Second City Chicago in early 2007, where she wrote and performed for numerous sketch reviews, as well as produced and directed improvisational comedy. Since then, her career as a solo stand-up comedian has taken off. She has since opened for the likes of Tom Green, Jason Sudeikus, Chris D'Elia, Norm MacDonald, and the writers of Chelsea Lately. She produces and features on shows all over the country, including clubs such as the legendary Caroline's and Gotham in New York, The Comedy Store and the Improv in Los Angeles, and various clubs in major coastal and mid-west markets. She has also been featured in comedy festivals such as the Del Close Comedy Festival in New York City and the South by Southwest festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

NPH has just returned from a tour of the Northwest (including Northern California, Washington and Vancouver). She has had her fair share of traveling as a talented comedienne, and has ended up in the entertainment capitol of the world, Hollywood, California. She currently performs in famous comedy clubs and is working on writing a sitcom and preparing for more performances nation wide. Natasha Pearl Hansen has signed a new publicist, Michael Jay of Studio City Entertainment Group. You can follow up on Natasha's playful blog, live shows and upcoming events on her website: http://www.NatashaPearlHansen.com/. You can also find her on twitter: @NPHcomedy.

2 Pistols heads to Los Angeles for Grammy Weekend

He started his music career as a local promoter bringing in artists such as Piles, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Lil Boosie and Da Shop Boyz to the area of his hometown in Tampa, FL. Through these shows, 2P started to make connections with powerful people in the music industry.

Los Angeles (AP) With over 300k downloads of his latest mix tape “Arrogant” hosted by DJ Scream, American Rapper 2 Pistols (also known as 2P) is scheduled to tour in late 2013. His track "Arrogant" which features 2 Chainz, Barrington Levy, Verse Simmonds and more, has hit an average rating of 6 out of 6 according to the mixtape authority website, DatPiff.com. The high volume of downloads received the hit a GOLD Award. That itself has proven him to be a fan favorite with a continual rise in listener-ship, having approximately 100,000 new listeners per day. 2 Pistols felt that, "Arrogant" had a cutting-edge style different from his previous projects, attracting it to a new crowd that made the song go viral.

He started his music career as a local promoter bringing in artists such as Piles, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Lil Boosie and Da Shop Boyz to the area of his hometown in Tampa, FL. Through these shows, 2P started to make connections with powerful people in the music industry.

He formed the group Blood Money Union which consisted of other producers, rappers and DJs from his area and surrounding areas. All of this led to his signing with Universal in 2007 and his collaboration with T-Pain on the song "She Got It", which hit #7 on the Rhythmic Top 40 Chart in 2008. It also hit #2 on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart. 2 Pistols released his debut album Death Before Dishonor on June 17, 2008. The album featured production from the Grammy-winning J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E, Bolo Da Producer, and other up on coming producers. Tracks from this album included "You Know Me feat. Ray Jay" & "That's My Road feat. Trey Songz."

In 2009 after a mutual split up with J.U.S.T.I.C.E League / Universal Republic, 2P released the single "Lights Low" independently and instantly making noise at radio. Cash Money came in and signed 2P. He spent a couple of years with Cash Money with the label not releasing any music on 2P. After sitting for years, 2P requested a release form from the label and he was granted his release papers. As of now 2 Pistols is unsigned to a label, but releases music from his own label, Blood Money Union. Working for himself, he released the record "Private Dancer" in 2011 which received national air play. In the past year,2P released "I Don't Care" feat. 2 Chainz and most recently, "All I Know" feat. French Montana and Joel Ortiz. Another version was also released with legendary Talib Kweli replacing Joel Ortiz. Both records also received national airplay. They will be shooting the video for "All I Know" this spring, 2013.

2 Pistols is currently working on his second studio album along with mix tape music. A new tape should be expected to hit the streets in late February for his fans before the big album release. 2 Pistols has a scheduled trip to Los Angeles during Grammy weekend to meet with top producers such as Caviar and Jayrock. When asked what his goals were for 2013, 2 Pistols is confident that he will prove that his first platinum plaque wasn't his last. He describes his lyrical style as, "Confident, versatile, and witty".

2P has signed a new publicist, Michael Jay of Studio City Entertainment Group. They're deeming the experience very “hands on” with his branding efforts. Since his separation with Young Money, Pistols has set forth to continue his consistency and growth as an artist. He is spending the majority of his time working on his new found style and future projects. With 2 Pistols' buzz growing independently, constantly being booked for shows and features around the country, you are sure to hear a lot more from this Platinum Artist. You can find 2 Pistols on Twitter: @2pistols.


Los Angeles, California -- Feb 02, 2013 / (AP) -- What you see is not what you get when speaking of the band HEROINE, I had a chance to speak with the lead singer of the Band THE HEROINE, "ISSAC" who's stage name by the way is Lynwood Presely King which he prefers to be called. After driving through a snow storm and other sorts of weather to get the band to the gigs, while traveling on their latest tour, I can easily say not even a tsunami will stop the band THE HEROINE from making it to the top.

The band consists of 5 guys DD KIng(guitar) The Kidd (guitar) Gulie (bass) and Johnny Lightning (drums) all the way from San Antonio Texas to Hollywood, where they are currently working on their latest album and they had a song produced by Jay Baumgardner of NRG Studios, who has also worked with rapper Run DMC, Bush, Alien Ant Farm and even worked with Danny Elfman on the original Spiderman score. They just finished five new tracks with Riot Van Productions in Los Angeles, they worked with Omer Avni and Adam Peri. they recorded five songs in four days. They are also working with Michael Jay (Publicist) with The Studio City Entertainment Group.

The band is very excited about this upcoming album. They are working with their record label EMG, and feel they are working with a great team of people, who understand them and have a positive outlook on the future of THE Heroine. Issac told me a story about entering a contest to play on tour with Motley Crue, not being the American Idol hopeful types, they sent their demo in anyway, much to their surprise they were on of the finalists to get to play in Hollywood for the Band.

I have a feeling one day bands will be sending in their demos to play along side THE HEROINE, and knowing these guys they just might be "The Heroine" in your life you've been looking for.

"Ghost and Me" Released by Franklin's Key

Los Angeles, California -- Jan 15, 2013 / (AP) Franklin's Key will be releasing their first professionally produced single,"Ghost and Me," on January 15, 2013, followed by the music video on January 22. They have been in the studio working hard with Riot Van Production's Omer Avni and Adam Peri. They are starting off2013 with a highly anticipated show at the world famous Molly Malone's on Friday January 25th.Visit www.mollymalonesla.com for more information on this show.Franklin's Key is composed of vocalist Leeane Melendez and producer/instrumentalist Ryan Koch.Their collaboration began in January of 2012 when Leeane responded to an ad posted by Ryan. Leeanewanted a new direction for her music and Ryan was searching for a vocalist for an electronic musicproject. Although both were heading down uncharted territory, it didn't take long before they wereproducing demo tracks.They hit the stage for their first show in July 2012 at the Grand Star Jazz Clubin China Town. After several more successful shows they decided it was time to move forward with aproper release. Their Fantasm EP, named for the ghostly, ethereal sounds, was released independently,on October 13th, 2012. They have been performing throughout Los Angeles since, building a dedicatedfan base.With their new single, "Ghost and Me," hitting the air waves, Franklin's Key is looking forward tounleashing their unique take on electronic music, going on tour to meet fans while creating new ones,and continuing work in the studio towards a larger release. Be on the lookout for more music from thisfantastic duo in the near future.For more information and to stay up to date on events, visit www.franklinskey.com.


LOS ANGELES, CA -- Nov 18, 2011 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- From broken home to broken spirits, Daniel Robert Ford aka "DrFord" of Ford Media, quickly grew from a small household name to a name widely respected in the Los Angeles community. From mentors such as DJ Battlecat (Snoop Dog), Robi Banjeri (Rolling Stones) to Ronnie King (Tupac Shakur) this man was destined and determined to make an identity for himself. Widely respected by his fellow peers, DrFord has paid his dues while continuing to inspire and influence the music industry as we currently see it.

"You have to believe. Inspiration is the thing that gets you there." --DrFord

Sept 26, 1980, Born in San Carlos, California. Daniel Robert Ford grew up in a single parent home where his mother put aside her wants and needs by supplying him his first drum set. While sibling rivalry is consistent in most households his sister's, however, were supplying him his first collection of vinyl records from country music to the latest hits of 80's Pop music. Dancing to the beat of his own drum he tested his neighbors patience from time to time, but like his followers they were able to succumb. Branching out from drums in his high school Jazz band he turned to turntables and DJ'd his way onto the San Francisco "Rave" scene. In 2003, listening to his own beat, education became a main priority and he then decided to attend The Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA. During his time at MI he was hired as a staff producer for "The Mint Studio" (Daniel Lanois {http://daniellanois.com/} of U2) where he was able to work under some of the industry's greats. He later graduated with a degree in keyboard performance and received a Journeyman certificate in Professional Sound Recording and Engineering.

"Music either speaks to you or it doesn't, and it definitely spoke to me." --DrFord

A week after graduating MI, friend and talented rapper Aaron "Golden" Hodges took DrFord out on the town for celebration, not realizing it was about to take a turn for the worse. After returning from the Geisha House {http://www.dolcegroup.com/} in Hollywood, DrFord entered onto the scene of his Hollywood apartment burnt down along with his entire studio. Having to rebuild what was lost he fled to Nashville, Tennessee after playing keyboard in a band out of Florida that made promises, which eventually led him to a dead end. Bitter towards music he dwelled in the good old boy country and worked blue-collar jobs to make ends meet, finding it difficult to break into the Nashville music scene, where deals happen over a shot of whiskey.

"Rejecting music for a while…my soul started to whither" -- DrFord

Kolby Cordell And Young Stress Bring Their High Enegy Show To Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA -- Oct 28, 2011 / (AP) -- Kolby Cordell and Young Stress will be bringing their high energy show to Los Angeles on October 29, at the 2011 City of Angels Masquerade & Costume Ball, which is being held at the LA Athletic Club.

There will be two rooms of Mingling, Laughter, and Dancing while listening to the sounds of progressive DJs. Upscale men and women from all over Southern California will gather wearing the most extravagant costumes and masks.

Kolby Cordell, a 19yr old artist from Blythe, California, will be performing his new song, "She's freak," along with other songs from his new EP. Kobly has just hit on the chart at number 4 with, "She's Freak," on Wild 109 Hollywood, an R&B Station that is broadcast worldwide.

Michael Jay say's, "Kolby is HOT and FRESH and brings back the soul that we are missing on the radio today!"

Young Stress, a 20yr old artist from San Bernardino, California, will be performing his new single, "Beat, Snare, Clap" Young Stress will be rocking the stage with his show and new songs from his new EP.

Hannah Anders Signs with Platinum AStar Entertainment

Nashville, TN -- Jul 18, 2011 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Hannah Anders is a name that you're going to be hearing a lot more of soon, she just signed with Platinum AStar Entertainment of Nashville. Hannah will soon be on the Road performing with other bands signed with Platinum AStar..

The Hannah Anders Band is a Southern Rock/Country act known for their high-energy live shows and fresh original music. Lead singer/songwriter Hannah Anders grew up in Atlanta, GA and spent her college years in Nashville, TN, guaranteeing that country music would be engrained in her soul.

"A country girl at heart, Ms. Anders brings something that is definitely not common to the sunset strip. Always a thunderous presence onstage she brings an intensity and passion that few can rival."

The band features Hannah Anders on Lead Vocals, Bruce Lawrence on Lead Guitar, Joey Vincent on Bass Guitar, Daniel "Dr" Ford on Keys and Sean Barton on Rhythm Guitar. The Hannah Anders Band is packed with talented and seasoned pros ready to entertain.

Currently, The Hannah Anders Band is performing at famous Hollywood stages like "The House of Blues," "The Roxy," and "The Highlands." Their EP, "Turn it up" debuted in March of 2011 as well as the music video for their first single "Trainwreck." The Hannah Anders Band will be performing at the Rose Bowl on September 17th, for the Texas Longhorn Boosters.

For more information on The Hannah Anders Band please visit http://www.reverbnation.com/TheHannahAndersBand.