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SNE ready for lift off!!

We're launching the NEW SNE Universe smartphone app today! Setting ourselves up for taking over the music scene! Hakim Rasheed has his CD release party June 8th. Lyndsey Smith is currently in the studio producing her debut original album. UWHF are releasing their album this month as well!

Look out for all of these because they're coming quick!

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and of course.....SHARE IT!

--B. Michael Smith SweetNote Entertainment

If you build it, they will come...

Thanks to all the fans that have been coming out to our shows through rain, sleet and snow! Been rockin' it out with us! We have some major shows coming up: Heart & Soul Show @ The Hard Rock Cafe Feb 11th, Rock Candy Show @ The Smiling Moose Feb. 17th and Lyndsey Smith and her band Soul Dist. @ The Rivers Casino Feb. 24th!

Don't miss them!

Let get it started!

Lyndsey Smith just had a fantastic set down at Sing Sing last night! She had the other local musicians grooving so much they asked her to join in on their next set and even asked her to record some of their songs that they wrote!

Great Job, Lyndsey!