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Musicians Needed

Looking for female musicians ages 20-30. In SWFL. Guitar, Bass, and Drums. Vocals preferred but not necessary. Message me if interested.


Another day sitting at work with much on my mind. We have 2 extraordinary talents and getting started has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to accomplish. We need that one break that will allow us to move forward. One thing I am learning is that we must work around the clock to reach our goals. But getting everyone on the same page and actually moving in the same direction at the same time is difficult. I will say that every day I get a little more excited about the potential we have and once we show what we can do, the rest of the music world won’t know what hit them. Check back for updates because the will be coming soon and often


My name is JRod and welcome to my first blog… EVER!!!! I want to hello to all that have visited my page and say remember you were here first when the Production blows up and we turn heads throughout the music industry. Although I have had this page up for a little while I am finally in a position to use it. Remember this is the beginning so hang in there with me. I promise it will be worth it!