First album in the chronology of the saga of Nors'Klh (occurring before the album La Montagne Vivante), "La Haine Primordiale" tells the story of a man living the last moments as a human being, mutate to an inform entity, and becoming a huge sprawling sandy star.

Musically, "La Haine Primordial" mix ambient, neo-classical, post rock, electro and black metal, all that in a rich dark tones and emotions.

Also appears on a song, the strange voice of the one-man band Fun Lilith Loki, which it infuses the need to sink deeper into madness and melancholy.


It's a musical project that attempts to shake the collective unconscious by the sound:

"Archetypes, fears, thoughts and memories that inevitably create a discomfort, an escape from the monotony days of the world to the discovery of the ego and its failure inevitable. Society and the individual, fundamentally incompatible. The individual gives himself completely, beginning to walk and lose all possibility of choice. These sounds are the result of my own work without outside interference, but only a sincere search of a musical journey who's trying to exorcise death.


1. Angst 2. Krise 3. Beklemmung 4. Untätigkeit 5. Die Sühne 6. Der Eingang

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Totality emerges from totality. Energy awakens from this extreme tension, it takes along the mouvement in its cycle of expansion and dissolution: STN is the ultimate reality, Pranayama, the harmonic game of evolution and regression. Being all and nothing, it's the source and the sum of the opposites that are taken along by the energy, as well as the partition. It's SHV SHKT, the essential angrogynous, Parama SHV, the ultimate reality from where spirit and matter arise. Within unbelievable illusions man has to reach for STN in order to unexperiment his own divinity. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.... Multiple ways tend towards this goal, evil ways as well as right ways... Every one has to makes his choices, but ethic and dogmatism are slackening the rise towards the awakenig. They are just fables made by humans worryed to organise society according to their private belief in order to assure domination. They are just precepts for slaves!!! Our decay is out strengh, it allows us to entirely dissolves ourselves into STN, the ultimate reality, the absolute totality. Our being is thereon transcended. It allows us to experience divinity. Mankind has appeared as well as many other creatures. Its days are not eternal. Because of its pride he has proved his futility. Vae Victis, and there will be many of them. En To Pan Omegas

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DEDALE(S) - Endless Corridors

This Split is the first musical meeting between DOLORISM and Loki Fun Lilith -to which Adrien Mailler of No Way Out adds a title : Deadsun. It is this disk which has later given birth to the project Dedale(s).

Very contrasted titles here - from the very industrial universe of Dolorism, the mechanic weels of Silent Hill and of Metropolis grinding a few souls lost in a labyrinth to the ecstatic explosions of Loki Fun Lilith who does not hesitate to wreck an array of unexpected samples under the sometimes painful squeaks of frantic waves.... 1. Wake Up The Weaks! 2. Carrion Aurora 3. Survivarium 4. Deadsun 5. Whispering Citadel 6. Boreal Beast 7. Veritas Sacra Fames 8. The Groove Of The Black Sun 9. Unsafety Swamp

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00110101100 - Ghastly Interface with the Astral Dominion

Brilliant debut Ep by one of the most promising artist to come out of the industrial scene since many year. 001101100 is a dark and original industrial, post apocalyptic soundscape. A ghastly industrial and computerize vision of a horrible digitalized lo-fi spiritual dominion. 1. Loading Cognitive Architecture 2. Nihil.exe (666.dll) 3. Domion ov Crow (Nigredo.dll) 4. Numeric Void

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BATHORY LEGION - Throught The Dimensions [anarcoesoterismo]

Musically Bathory Legion range from Experimentations to Avantgarde, from Industrial to Compositions. Unforgiving Drone, distorted vocals, visionary suggestions. Alchemical symbologies, unique sounds. All that has been defined the Harsh and Esoteric journey" 1. The Mother of Echoes 2. Anarcoesoterismo 3. Silence Blossom 4. Black Glass 5. T. Horn 6. Dimension 7. Anticristianesimo Alchemico Militante [feat Helena Velena]

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FALLEN SPIRIT - Klver - Dedale(s)

Dark Ambiant & french meeting between the Dedale(s) project and KLVER - Fallen Spirit walk througth the abyssal landscape, soft madness and terrors of KLVER, and througth the more ritual, haunting and deranged tracks of dedale(s). Shadow of depression and strange corner of the invisible whisper all long of this black journey.

1- Voice Of... 2- The Way Out 3- Monastic Terror 4 -Lost Spirales 5- Dreams Of... 6- The Unknown Mythe 7- Monotonom 8- Iris 9- The Abandonned 10- Le cauchemard 11- Crawling With The Creepy Creatures 12- Solar

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