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European Distribution & Double LP Release of Rudra's Album

Sonic Blast Media is pleased to announce its partnership with Agni Productions for the European Distribution of SBM releases and the worldwide release of the Limited Edition Double LP of Rudra’s ‘Brahmavidya: Immortal I’. The official release date for the LP is 9 May 2011. It will be limited to 300 copies and shall be a premiere quality release by Agni Productions. Pre-order info and the press release can be found at: http://www.agni-productions.com/main.php?page=news&lan=en

Check out the latest review of Rudra's new album

Here is the link: http://www.dangerdog.com/2011-music-reviews/rudra-brahmavidya-immortal-1-review.php

SBM Releases will be distributed in India through Roadcrew Records

Sonic Blast Media has secured distribution of its releases in India. The latest album by Rudra will now be available in India exclusively through Roadcrew Records. Imran Manaff of Sonic Blast Media had this to say: “SBM is very pleased to partner with Roadcrew Records for the release of Rudra’s latest release, Brahmavidya: Immortal I in India. We look forward to a great relationship with Roadcrew Records and for many more releases in the near future.” See Press Release: http://roadcrewrecords.in/rcr-launches-rudra-in-india/