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LEAVE THE CIRCUS “Mindless Mass” /Digital EP/ October 04th 2014

Debut EP album by the Greek Melodic Death/Alternative Metal band. A mix of Aggressive, Melodic and Heavy Metal music, combined all together in a perfect whole. “Mindless Mass” is here deeply shaking the Metal world, making Leave The Circus totally visible on the Heavy Metal map. Leave The Circus has the privilege consisting of musicians who are fond of many different kinds of Metal music. This gives band the chance of creating fresh, but not inaccessible for the ordinary listener music. For fans of such bands as: Stone Sour, Hellyeah, Machine Head, Shadows Fall, Trivium, In Flames ... Another Side Records, 2014 (ASR08-85/DT). Tracklist: 1. First Blood 01:31 2. Counter the Pain 03:09 3. Eradicate the Terror 04:20 4. Dreaming Lie 03:12 5. Mindless Mass 01:22 Total playing time: 13:34 Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4551%3Aleave-the-circus&catid=63%3Aproject-events&Itemid=65 Digital release date: Worldwide: 04.10.2014, North & South America: 02.12.14 Listen to "Mindless Mass" on BandCamp: https://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/leave-the-circus-mindless-mass Buy - http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/54/4663

CHAOS ENGINE RESEARCH "The Legend Written By An Anonymous Spirit Of Silence"

Debut full-length album by the Polish Groove/Thrash/Death/Progressive Metal band. Powerfull riffs combined with two varying vocals and grooving rhythm section stand as the core of the band's sound. And as the music smoothly goes from brutal growls to nice clean singing, from heavy guitars and blasting rhythm section to gentle acoustic sounds. You also can hear some electronic, keyboards, scratches or even viola playing along. This concept album will tell You a story - lyrics are in the form of drama, stylized for an antique tragedy. The intention of the album is to draw the listeners’ attention to the fact that despite conviction of “internal freedom”, we allow ourselves to be trapped in the media and political manipulation that inflicts its views and convictions, which have nothing in common with reality. The sound of this record is a result of work of Przemyslaw 'Perla' Wejmann of Perlazza Studio, Poland and Tue Madsen of Antfarm Studio, Denmark. CD comes with nice collector's pit-art. A musthave for fans of: Sepultura, Soulfly, Pantera, Machine Head, Slipknot and Ektomorf!! Metal Scrap Records, 2014 (MSR082/CD). Samples: https://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/chaos-engine-research-the-legend-written-by-an-anonymous-spirit-of-silence Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4534%3Achaos-engine-research&catid=63%3Aproject-events&Itemid=69 CD release date: Ukraine & Europe: 29.09.2014, Russia: 14.10.2014 Digital release date: 10.10.2014 Buy CD - http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/1/4382 Promotional price of the disc during the pre-sale is 2.61€/3.62$. Standard cost (after release date) – 3.95€/5.48$. Offer valid until September 29, 2014 inclusively.

STORMHOLD "The Lost World" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Belarusian Melodic Death Metal band. Aggression and speed, furious blast beats and a barrage of guitars parties harmoniously combine with atmospheric keyboards parties and piercing guitar’ solos together constitute an original sampler of Melodic Death Metal. Most important feature of this album is speed. Music that can be heard in one breath. No compromise, no newfangled core influences in Stormhold’ music you wouldn’t hear. Album’ theme is based on philosophical reflections about various aspects of the modern world, its dark side, the role and purpose of man in this world. Listening to songs from the album everyone will find his lost world. If you are impressed by the creations of such bands as: In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Amon Amarth, Hypocrisy, Quo Vadis, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry so acquaintance with the work of Stormhold wouldn’t not leave you indifferent! Total Metal Records, 2014 (TMR019-80). Made in Ukraine. Samples: https://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/stormhold-the-lost-world Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4494%3Astormhold&catid=63%3Aproject-events&Itemid=65 CD release date: Ukraine: 09.09.2014, Russia: 14.10.2014, UK: 03.11.2014, USA: 02.12.2014 Digital release date: UK: 03.11.2014, USA: 02.12.2014 Promotional price of the disc during the pre-sale is 2.61€/3.62$. Standard cost (after release date) – 3.95€/5.48$. Offer valid until September 09, 2014 inclusively. Buy CD - http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/1/4346

KADAR "Infidel" /digital mini-album/

The debut mini-album by Progressive Death Metal band from Kazakhstan. “Infidel” - is explosive and unpredictable mixture of everything with everything. Yes, You heard right! Here You will hear the fusion of high-speed and very heavy Thrash and Death Metal, Heavy Metal and Jazz, as well as many other styles. The album has everything to catch every listener! Speed blast beats, bright and melodic solos, heavy and technical riffs and atypical for modern Metal musical twists. Album is sure will impress fans of furious Thrash and Death Metal, and definitely will please fans of Melodic and Progressive directions. Strongly recommended for fans of: Pantera, Testament, Carcass, Death and simply delicious, tough, uncompromising and intelligent music! Metal Scrap Records, 2014 (MSR084/DT). Tracklist: 1. Гордыня 03:59 2. I Am Infidel 03:51 3. С Улыбкой На Лице 03:29 4. The God’s Fault 03:11 5. Звёздный Свет 03:18 6. Child of Salvation 02:48 7. Outro 02:25 Total playing time: 23:05 Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4523%3Akadar&catid=63%3Aproject-events&Itemid=69 Digital release date: UK: 28.08.2014, USA: 04.11.14 Listen to "Infide" on BandCamp: https://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/kadar-infidel Buy- http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/54/4508

THANKS FOR YOUR PAIN "Anywhere Is Everywhere" /digital LP/ August 19th 2014

The debut full-length album by this Modern Metal band is sure to impress any connoisseur of quality sound. Heavy and melodic riffs, melodic vocals, which few can repeat, bass slaps a la Korn and Mudvayne, incredible fast, complex and beautiful guitar solos. In addition, acoustic guitar, cello and piano in the bonus track "My Motherland", where the band shows that not only knows how to "hack" but also can play on more classic instruments. Ukrainian heavy scene takes on truly progressive band, which will bring a new mood among ordinary ones. Recommended for fans of: Korn, Metallica, In Flames, The Agonist, Mudvayne, Godsmack and Disturbed!! Another Side Records, 2014 (ASR07-83/DT) Tracklist: 1. Anywhere Is Everywhere 03:46 2. I Was Betrayed 03:27 3. Deja Vu 04:09 4. Dark Skies 04:31 5. Can't Take It 02:46 6. Morrow 03:03 7. Rise 04:07 8. I Hate You 03:15 9. I Don't Believe 04:53 10. My Motherland (Bonus Track) 04:14 Total playing time: 38:21 Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4514%3Athanks-for-your-pain&catid=53%3Aevents&Itemid=69 Digital release date: UK: 19.08.2014, USA: 04.11.14 Listen to "Anywhere Is Everywhere" on BandCamp: http://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/thanks-for-your-pain-anywhere-is-everywhere Buy - http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/54/4486

RAM-PAGE "The Retribution" /Digital Single/

The first single by Russian Death Metal band. The release includes two tracks: new song "The Retribution" and new version of song "Angel" from debut album "The Keeper Of Time". This release is a kind of "start-up" for future creation of the band. The single marked the beginning of a completely new vector of the band’ development. The song "The Retribution" is a new step of style changing from Thrash/Death Metal to Death/Brutal Death Metal. Band promise to record their next (fourth) full-length album in the same vein. In the song "The Retribution" basically there are elements of Brutal Death Metal but also presented little dose of classic Thrash Metal elements. As a result they’ve got a decent "massacre" in which every listener will find something for himself. Recorded at PlayStudio, Moscow. Art-design by Eugene Postebaylo (Grim Twins art-studio), known for his work with covers of Deicide etc. Recommended for fans of such bands as: Dying Fetys, Decaided and Kataklysm! Metal Scrap Records, 2014 (MSR081/DT). Tracklist: 1. Angel (MMXIV Version) 03:31 2. The Retribution 03:12 Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/54/4420 Digital release date: UK/Europe - 30.07.2014, USA/America - 07.10.14 Listen to "The Retribution" on BandCamp: http://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/ram-page-the-retribution Buy - http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/54/4420

THE PAINTS OF PAST MEMORIES "Distorted Reality" /digital LP/ July 24th 2014

The debut full-length album by Ukrainian Melodic Metalcore band. This is not just another typical, boring release. "Distorted Reality" - is a new, fresh look at modern music. It is the desire of musicians to play something different, but at the same time familiar, pushed to create such an interesting music. Quick, catching, sometimes melodic riffs, combined with lyrics that affects common problems - all this can be heard in this album. Of course, can not assert that this album - something totally new, but surely you did not hear something like it - it's like combining the best qualities of Metalcore. If you are tired of the monotony and predictability, so you are obliged to hear this album, it will not leave you indifferent! For fans of such bands as: The Devil Wears Prada, Architects, August Burns Red, The World Alive, and I The Breather. Another Side Records, 2014 (ASR06-79DT) Tracklist: Dissension 01:12 2. Five Minuts To Midnight (ft. Anton Kofan) 05:08 3. Crime And Punishment 03:46 4. Blind Hatred 05:15 5. Follow My Lead 04:31 6. The Mask Of Hypocrisy (ft. Anton Kofan) 06:35 7. Karma 04:57 Total playing time: 31:24 Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4491%3Athe-paints-of-past-memories&catid=63%3Aproject-events&Itemid=65 Digital release date: UK: 24.07.2014, USA: 07.10.14 Listen to "Distorted Reality" on BandCamp: http://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-paints-of-past-memories-distorted-reality Buy - http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/54/4407

BLOODY HARVEST "Abstinence Syndrome" /digital LP/

July 14th 2014 The debut full-length album by Ukrainian Oldschool Death Metal band. All songs are sustained in old Death Metal traditions, but at the same time there are small experiments which should please the advanced listener. The main priorities of all compositions are: catching riffs and sensible filling lyrics. "Abstinence Syndrome" offers to the listener to consider other often hidden in a romantic ignorance side of substance use, opening a man’s way that leads to a broken life or even death. The song "Посмішка Звіра (Smile of the Beast)" involves rather other theme of dependencies - a religion that becomes placebo for someone, but for someone - opium. For fans of such bands as: Six Feet Under, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Torture Killer, Kataklysm and Illdisposed. Metal Scrap Records, 2014 (MSR078/DT). Tracklist: 1. Пандемія (Pandemia) 05:01 2. Душевное Бешенство (Psychosis of Soul) 03:51 3. Overdose 02:55 4. Посмішка Звіра (Smile of the Beast) 03:39 5. Ядотерапія (Poisonotherapy) 03:39 6. Синдром Отмены (Abstinence Syndrome) 04:53 7. Последнее Откровение (The Last Revelation) 05:28 Total playing time: 29:26 Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4490%3Abloody-harvest&catid=63%3Aproject-events&Itemid=69 Digital release date: UK: July, 14, 2014, USA: October, 7, 2014 Listen to "Abstinence Syndrome" on BandCamp: http://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/bloody-harvest-abstinence-syndrome BUY http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/54/4381

RED HILLS "Pleasure Of Destruction" /CD/

The debut full-length album by Ukrainian Melodic Death Metal band. Melodic tunes of the guitars, attractive combination of scream and growl, driving skull-crushing rhythms of the drums, well combined melodics and hardness – that’s all Red Hills were able to unite at their debut full-length album. Both problems of the whole society and problems facing a certain man are well narrated in the band’s lyrics. What will be our future in the days of moral chaos, lie and hate? Donetsk’ metallers will dip you into a chain of driving musical events and make you think about the meaning of our life. Album was recorded at TA Production and produced by Anton Vorozhtsov (Hell:On and Ungrace guitarist). The design of 12-page booklet made by Russian art-studio Project Mayhem widely known for its work with such bands as: Amatory, Arcana Imperia, Aruna Azura, Dimicandum, Fatal Error, Icon In Me, Illidiance, Lethargia, StalWart, Ungrace etc. Recommended for fans of: In Flames , Dark Tranquility, At the Gates, Kalmah and Insomnium! Total Metal Records, 2014 (TMR018-77). Made in Ukraine. Samples: http://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/red-hills-pleasure-of-destruction-cd Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4493%3Ared-hills&catid=63%3Aproject-events&Itemid=65 CD release date: Ukraine: 10.07.2014, Russia: 12.08.2014, Europe: 01.09.2014, USA: 07.10.2014 Digital release date: UK: 01.09.2014, USA: 07.10.2014 Promotional price of the disc during the pre-sale is 2.61€/3.62$. Standard cost (after release date) – 3.95€/5.48$. Offer valid until July 10, 2014 inclusively. Buy CD http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/1/4251

MORTIS DEI "Salvation Never Comes" /CD/

The fourth full-length (and first officially released) album by the Polish Death Metal band. Lasting 30 minutes eighth tracks + intro of fast forward going Death Metal music with a dose of melody. Modern, but raw sound, low, yet understandable vocal parts and some melodic guitar solos are perfectly combined in this promising release. After twenty years of playing Death Metal Mortis Dei shows its new incarnation. “Salvation Never Comes” is a concept album, so get ready and beware of horrible Death story! Check it out or your salvation will never come!! Metal Scrap Records, 2014 (MSR076/CD) Made in Ukraine. Samples: http://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/mortis-dei-salvation-never-comes-cd Biography: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4492%3Amortis-dei&catid=63%3Aproject-events&Itemid=65 CD release date: Ukraine: 07.07.2014, Russia: 12.08.2014, Europe: 01.09.2014, USA: 07.10.2014 Digital release date: UK: 01.09.2014, USA: 07.10.2014 Promotional price of the disc during the pre-sale is 2.61€/3.62$. Standard cost (after release date) – 3.95€/5.48$. Offer valid until July 07, 2014 inclusively. Buy CD http://metalscraprecords.com/shop/en/store/product/view/1/4250