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Career Mistakes By Independent Artists

Independent artists far too often are not willing to take needed career chances by recording other independent artists or songwriters’ music. Yet, many famous artists take advantage of such opportunities all the time.

To help independent artists appreciate the value of collaborating and or recording other artists or songwriters’ music, for the next few weeks, KMG will share several successful stories.

"Tell me what you think." Ralph Stars

Provided by Michelle De

I’ve been receiving a lot of inquires from inspiring music artist for me to review their music and provide feedback. As much as I would love to listen to everyone's music that is sent to me and offer beneficial feedback, it’s just impossible. Yet I do feel obligated to provide everyone some feedback. Recently, I had the privilege of receiving an email from a young artist named Ralph Stars. He asked, “do you mind listening to my song and telling me what you think?” I would like to share with you all my email response, in hopes that its content will help those who have inquired feedback to improve your music and the chances of success in pursuing your musical careers.

Hey Ralph, Let me ask you. Are you familiar with Taylor Swift? If not, become familiar with her background. Studying other artist's careers is always useful. Any rate, she was a young artist like you who came out a few years ago. One of the things she did to increase her chances to have a successful music career was took singing lessons from one of the best vocalist trainer in the industry. While you are young, everything little thing you do to strengthen your vocals will improve your changes. So seriously consider vocal classes with someone who knows what they are doing.

One other advice I will offer is collaborate, collaborate, collaborate with other inspiring music artists, especially songwriters like myself. You never know when you and another singer or a songwriter will come up with that one song that puts you on the map.

I hope that helps.

Attention Male MCs

You have asked for an opportunity to work with Michelle De. NOW ITS HERE! Michelle De is looking for a male rapper recording artist to record her next single release, Get Ya Mind Right. Get Ya Mind Right is the ultimate diss song describing the frustration of a partnership that is going down the wrong road. For details about the track and selection process, contact Deaidre at kambymanagementgroup@gmail.com.

Deadline for submission, July 14, 2011.


CD Baby proposed the question to several musicians on one of their forum the following question. “What is the absolute best way to annoy your fans when using social sites like Facebook?” The points that where provided are a sue way to kill your promotional efforts?” Listed below is some of the top response that would benefit many of you.

• Posting about events 20 times on your page • Why invite attendees to a local event, when they live on the other side of the world? Personalize your events instead of mass marketing them • No SPAM pleased • Constantly sending too many emails in general and most will stop reading your messages all together • If you are collaborating with another in doing an event, coordinate with the other band assignments so that fans are not receiving double emails about that same event from different bands • Retweeting too frequently • Constant updates about an event • Only tweeting or posting when you want something, i.e. promoting an event, selling products, etc. • Using blink tag in HTML email messages or no subject line • Sending emails that require BECOME YOUR FAN or me to LIKE and then in turn you will do the same. If you like the content of my play, i.e. music, bio, etc., befriend my page. I liking your page should not stipulate you liking my page. • Tagging photo, videos, etc.

• Only tweeting or posting when you want something, i.e. promoting an event, selling products, etc. • Using blink tag in HTML email messages or no subject line • Sending emails that require BECOME YOUR FAN or me to LIKE and then in turn you will do the same. If you like the content of my play, i.e. music, bio, etc., befriend my page. You liking my page should not be stipulated by me liking yours.

A Great Artist Manager Are Great Business Developers

In the past, artist managers acted as a liaison between a record label and their band. In today business market, an artist manager role has changed. The primary concern of a great artist manager should be business development – developing and exposing the value of their band(s). An artist manager should be able to create direct revenue, establish and implement partnerships, build visibility and creative strategies for its bands in order to increase brand equity and revenue. Unfortunate for most artists, most managers are unprepared and uneducated to perform the needed task of business development in today music industry. It is important to select a manager who either possess the education and experience needed to develop your career or willingness to learn basic business fundamentals to develop your career. If your manager’s primary focus revolves around getting you signed, than you may need to reconsider your business relationship with your management team. Remember, it is important to have an educated, innovative, and savvy business developer in your corner. -- Deaidre "Dede" Newby

Want to be signed to a major or independent label

Are you serious about your music? Want to be signed with a major or independent label? More is needed than having a great sound or a natural ability to spit. If you want to be taken serious, it is extremely important to have the right support system to help you manage it all. Why is this important? If an artist is able to attract management, it is a good indicator that he or she possesses something of value. In fact, according to Desiree Samira Entertainment, Inc., “Most major labels refuse to sign an artist unless they have a solid team (manager, attorney and publicist) in place.” Further noted, some record executives declare having a good management team is a strong indication that an artist is serious about growing his or her career. Those without proper representation, have the tendency to be careless about not taking care of essential tasks or make decisions that are more damaging to their group’s image than helpful. A good management team will help an artist remain balance. A solid management can do many things for a group. Protect the group image • Provide needed guidance • Book gigs • Negotiate contracts and much more Want to be signed to a major or independent label? Read more at reverbnation.com/#!/fan/dedenewby.

Ace Reign a gimmick or a fad

As a HUGE fan of music and a highly critical listener of rap, I have found myself drawn to Ace Reign's music. There is an honesty in her lyrics and a passion in her delivery that I haven't seen much of lately. She doesn't come across as a gimmick or a fad ... but as a passionate performer with a gift for turning real life situations and emotions into something beautiful and real. I've had the pleasure of reading other articles featuring her and her music and while I agree that she is an amazing talent, I can't really find anyone to compare her to. What I CAN agree with is that Ace Reign is an AMAZING talent that the world needs to hear. Her refusal to sell sex and BS just to make a name for herself makes her a standout in the industry to me. The things that would normally repel me, are non-existent with her and I look forward to watching her star shine and being a witness to her continued rise to the top.

United Kingdom

Kamby Management Group SM, Ace Reign TM and Stories of Trance has partnered to created an international masterpiece that you won’t forget. Stay tune for more details as things developed.