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At long last, I think I have found a mentor at GSC. I admit, I have tried to forge my own unique path. But I might need help. Hoping for the best path forward.


Trying to enter the world of sync licensing, hope I have what it takes.


I am starting to build a decent size song catalog. Mostly Pop and Country. And trying to improve my home studio production skills. I write using Fruity Loops.


I have joined MERF music group in Nashville and Music Supervisors Inc. in LA to try to get something placed. Maybe make some $$$


Have started to look into licensing my tracks. This is a bit different from traditional writer, publisher, artist arrangement. To that end I have been watching and listening at How 2 License site, www.howtolicenseyourmusic.com

DIY / CD Baby

Attended a 3 day conference, focusing on Indie Artists. Very informative Keynote speakers. Met a lot of great people. Too many break out sessions, couldn't attend them all. And the best, 15 min. Mentoring sessions. Thank You CD Baby !!!

99 cent buy

I have offered a Buy link for YOU GET ME UP. But it is not yet on Itunes. So to buy direct, you have to go to the song, see down arrow on right side, and pull down to 99 cents. Thanks for your support, Bob

kid CD

I produced this cd with Kid Dynamite about 5 yrs. ago. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad to say I only have one box of cds left. As a result I am lowering the price on CD Baby site to say a big THANKS to all fans. A physical cd is now $5.99, and a download of all tracks is $3.99. You can also purchase individual tracks. If interested, here is the link. www.cdbaby.com/cd/kiddynamite I remain committed to writing and producing great music, and I hope you are as well.


Just finished up a new Country song titled HOME ALONE, with my DJ friend from Rockford, IL, name of Chip Messiner.


Have gone back to writing Country with my friend Greg Mancuso, who has now moved to KC.