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Marco Ragni Announces Special Guests for Wandering Caravan

Marco Ragni announces that Luca Zabbini composer and leader of Barock Project will be special guest on his next album “The Wandering Caravan”.

Marco Ragni started working on ideas for a new album last year after 2 successful EP releases; Rajanty & California. According to Ragni “Wandering Caravan” will be another Progressive Rock Opera. Wandering Caravan’s Band is: Marco Ragni: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, 12 strings guitar, lap steel, bass, keyboards, mellotron, piano, mandolin. Peter Matuchniak: electric guitar Jeff Mack: bass Maurizio Antonini: drums Dave Newhouse: woodwinds Ian Beabout: flute Nadav Yitzhak: oud Michael Zentner: violin Special Guest Luca Zabbini composer and leader of Barock Project

Media Contact: Marco Ragni markspiders@gmail.com Melodic Revolution Records Nick Katona

Andres Guazzelli Postpones “Wötan: The Untold Story” & Talks of New Alb

Sometimes you have to know when to stop, take a deep breath and regroup.

I have been struggling with “Wötan: The Untold Story” for almost a year. Pretty much since the release of the “Overture”, really. For the most part of 2016, I didn’t even touch it. Wötan is a monster of a project: a double album with 70 guest artists (in two languages, so basically two albums) plus a novel (again, in two languages, so two novels) and for the past year, it has been my main obsession. Not being able to complete it nor advance on it makes me quite frustrated. I wrote a lot of music for it and discarded it, as I felt it was not up to the album’s own high standards. It occupies my mind at all times, but I can’t seem to power through it right now. It has become a huge source of frustration and of stress Maybe it is time to move on. Postpone it. Do something else. Wötan was born from a very small seed almost 13 years ago, and it steadily grew into the gargantuan thing that it is today. And as you can imagine, thirteen years is a long, long time. I’m not saying cancelling it, just postpone it. For a time. And work on something else. I’ve been meaning to add local elements to my music from quite some time. Musical elements from tango and national folklore into my own brand of symphonic rock music. Maybe it is finally time to do so. I have so much music written in the past year. Music not deemed worthy for Wötan, but could perfectly fit a whole different album. Don’t fret, it will still be prog, but with tints of tango and argentinian folklore into it. Very symphonic and cinematic. My intention is to record one song a month and have the album ready by, perhaps, this November. And then, strike back with the Wötan behemoth, of course. Thank you for reading. It’s gonna be a fun ride! Follow: Website: http://www.andresguazzelli.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AndresGuazzelli/ A veces tenés que saber cuando parar, respirar profundo, y reagrupar. Vengo luchando con “Wötan: The Untold Story” desde hace más de un año. Desde el lanzamiento de la “Obertura”, en realidad. Durante gran parte del 2016, ni siquiera lo toqué. Wötan es un proyecto medio monstruoso: un álbum doble con más de 70 personas en él (en dos idiomas, asi que básicamente son dos discos), más una novela (de nuevo, en dos idiomas, asi que dos novelas), y me ha obsesionado todo el año pasado. No poder avanzar en él me frustra sobremanera. He escrito y descartado mucha música este tiempo por sentir que no llegaba a los tremendos estándares (autoimpuestos) que le puse al disco. Música perfectamente usable. Ocupa mi mente todo el tiempo, pero no puedo avanzar en él. Se ha convertido en una enorme fuente de frustración y estrés. Quizás es momento de seguir adelante. Posponerlo. Hacer otra cosa. Wötan germinó de una semilla pequeñísima hace 13 años, y creció a pasos agigantados hasta convertirse en este monstruo titánico que es hoy. Y como se pueden imaginar, trece años es mucho, mucho tiempo. No estoy diciendo de cancelarlo. Solo posponerlo un tiempo. Y trabajar en otra cosa. Hace tiempo que quiero incorporar elementos locales en mi música. Elementos del tango y del folklore en mi estilo sinfónico y cinemático. Quizás es el momento justo para hacerlo. Escribí muchísima música el año pasado, música que quizás no sea adecuada para Wötan, pero podría funcionar perfectamente en un disco diferente. No se alarmen, va a seguir siendo prog, pero con tintes de tango y folklore argentino. Seguirá siendo “yo”, cinematográfico y orquestal. Mi intención es grabar una canción al mes y tener el disco listo, quizás, para noviembre. Y de ahi, pisar nuevamente con el brontosaurio que es Wötan. Gracias por leerme. La vamos a pasar bien!

Scarlet Hollow Release 1st Single “I Am Divided” From Forth Coming Album

Scarlet Hollow are back with a new single and a new album after a long hiatus, let’s rewind. October 30th 2012 the band release their soon to become critically acclaimed debut album “What If Never Was” in November just days after finishing the album Guitarist Gregg Olson had a massive stroke. Doctors told his wife and band vocalist Allison VonBülow that Gregg wouldn’t live past the first night. We were all horrified and in shock, thank goodness that was not the outcome. Fast forward to present day, after much physical therapy and rehabilitation Gregg and the band are back and better than ever with a new album due out before summer 2017.

To celebrate the release of the upcoming album Scarlet Hollow and Melodic Revolution Records have decide to make the lead single “I Am Divided” available for FREE Download for a limited time. This is not a cheesy 192 or less bit toss away side track. This is the same HI Res 24 Bit Track that is on the upcoming album.

So why is it free then? It is free for as a thank you for the years of support even while the band was off the grid it’s also a way to get people pumped about the upcoming album. We want you all to grab this track and share the link with your friends, family co-workers and anyone else that loves good quality music. Full album details including album name, artwork and full track listing will be released at a later date.

The Band Allison VonBuelow // Lyrics, Vocals & Acoustic Guitars Gregg Olson // Electric Guitars & Keyboards Jeff Mack // Bass Guitar & Bass Pedals Jay Setar // Drums & Percussion Studio Notes Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gregg Olson @ The Alien Workshop Moorpark Ca. Written by Scarlet Hollow Find more info about Scarlet Hollow @ Website: http://scarlethollow.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScarletHollowMusic MRR Profile: http://mrrmusic.com/scarlet-hollow/ Media Contact: Gregg Olson: greggolson@roadrunner.com Melodic Revolution Records Nick Katona: Info@melodicrevolution.com Website: http://mrrmusic.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelodicRevolutionRecords

Murky Red Get Physical With Limited Edition CD

Melodic Revolution Records is exicited to bring you some very good news from Camp Murky Red.

According to Stef Flaming: Exciting news from Murky Red! Hocus Pocus, abracadabra, their latest album in physical appearance after a long time of waiting! We kid you not! You really can touch the music now.

“Finally, to end a long period of bad news, changes, and decisions, we are excited to announce that our second album ‘No Pocus Without Hocus‘ will be available as a Limited Edition CD this December. It’s a thank you to our fans and friends for their patience, we will add some very smelly bonus material! To make up the silence on the Murky front for way too long and for your never ending support. Big Belgian hugs to you all!”

Current ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’ Track Listing

Pixelated Friends Stoned And Horny Sweet Dark Hypnosis She’s Crying Diamonds Nothing Can Go Wrong A Wooden Groove Collateral Damage (feat. Colin Tench on lead guitar) Bad Wolf Of The Pack Wild Flower Mermaids Elena The band are mixing the 3 bonus tracks and should be ready in the next few days, we cant tell you what they will be as the band want to keep it as a surprise for now. Bonus Tracks will only be available on the Limited Edition CD

Music and lyrics by Stef Flaming Recorded in the Murky Red Studios, Belgium Mixing and mastering: Colin Tench, Stoned Bun Studios Sweden © 2016 Murky Red Music

Murky Links Official Website Facebook YouTube Melodic Revolution Records Band Page

Media Contact Murky Red: Stef Flaming http://www.murkyred.com/contact/

Label Contact: Melodic Revolution Records Nick Katona info@melodicrevolutionrecords.com

Sunshine & Bullets Release New Album

US Rock Band Sunshine & Bullets return with their album “The Centauri Conspiracies – Part 1 (the awakening)” the follow up to their very successful 2014 release, Triangulum_Mechanism.

The Centauri Conspiracies: Part 1 – The Awakening is the 6 song EP to preview what is to come with the release of the full album. Like Triangulum Mechanism, it is a concept album. This time, instead of focusing on going through life’s tough moments on a personal level, they switched to a wider view: the world.

The world has never been as interconnected, and although it seems that we have the access and ability to stay informed of what’s going on around us, we can never truly be sure of large-scale motives and intentions. Unfortunately, we live in interesting times, and that’s usually not a good thing.

The band hopes to raise awareness of the different kinds of distractions that we humans face in the world today. However, instead of condemning mankind into oblivion, the band wants people to use their passions to constructively inspire them to keep the peace between each other. Despite all the acts of hatred in the world, there is still hope for humanity… and we need to hold on to that hope with everything we got.

Track Listing 01. Everyone’s Watching 02. You Wanted A War 03. Heads In The Sand 04. Divided we Stand o5. Paralyzed o6. Let the Giants Sleep

The Centauri Conspiracies: Part 1 – The Awakening is a passionate album inspired by the propaganda imposed on us by the media and leadership. As usual, we hope to enlighten and help you get through turmoil but see through the distractions. Elements of pop, hard rock, and metal. Male and female co-vocalists.

Music and Lyric by Sunshine & Bullets Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Gustavo Porras at Red Lion Studios in Orlando, Fl

The Centauri Conspiracies: Part 1 – The Awakening will be released Tuesday November 1st, 2016 Catalog # MRRCD 22136 Format: CD and Hi Quality Digital Download

Sunshine & Bullets Rich Keane Jr – Vocals/Guitar Amanda Hamers – Vocals/Bass Kyle Wolfram – Drums

Links: Official Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter

Sunshine & Bullets Media sunshineandbullets@gmail.com

Label Contact Melodic Revolution Records Nick Katona info@melodicrevolutionrecords.com

Seeking Keyboardist In NY Area

Progressive rock group Unified Past seeking keyboard player.

Unified Past is an established New York area Progressive Rock act and is looking for a dedicated keyboard player with good work ethics both live and in the studio, Unified Past are in the process of confirming some upcoming shows throughout 2016/17 and are scheduled to perform at the prestigious RoSfest also known as the "Rites of Spring Festival" in May 2017.

The band area in the midst of writing and recording their follow up to their highly acclaimed album “Shifting The Equilibrium”, the new album is planned for a 2017 release, potential player must have own gear… can be involved in other bands, but must be committed to rehearse and perform live.

More info can be found at: http://www.unifiedpast.com/ http://mrrmusic.com/unified-past/

Contact: unifiedpast@icloud.com

Leon Alvarado New Album “The Future Left Behind”

Houston, TX – Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed third album “2014, Music from an Expanded Universe”, keyboardist/composer Leon Alvarado will be releasing his new album “The Future Left Behind” on July 30, 2016! The highly anticipated new concept album features guest appearances by YES Legends Rick Wakeman & Billy Sherwood, as well as Johnny Bruhns (CIRCA:) and Steve Thamer.


Leon Alvarado: Keyboards, sequencing, drums, percussion, launch control voices Billy Sherwood: Lead and rhythm guitars on all except for “To Be Loved” Rick Wakeman: Moog solo on “Launch Overture” and extra keyboards Johnny Bruhns: Acoustic guitar on “To Be Loved” Steve Thamer: Narration Produced and mixed by: Leon Alvarado Guitar tracks produced by: Billy Sherwood Mastered by: Andy Jackson All songs by Leon Alvarado except “To Be Loved” by Johnny Bruhns and Leon Alvarado

Based on “The Future Left Behind”, an original short story by Leon Alvarado Design and Illustrations: Synergy Design

Phil Naro Release’s Teaser Track From Upcoming Album Shangri- La Hotel

“Change My Mind” is the first single and teaser track from upcoming solo album Shangri- La Hotel and is available for FREE streaming via Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/melodicrevolutionrecords/phil-naro-change-my-mind

Phil is putting the finishing touches on his new studio album “Shangri La Hotel” due out late summer, its his first solo album since his highly acclaimed solo effort “Glass Mountain” some Thirteen years ago. Phil has enlisted some real heavy hitters for “Shangri La Hotel” and he promises that the album will contain many surprises..

In a statement from Phil Naro: “I am happier than I have ever been writing, recording and touring with some of the best musicians in the business, I’m not slowing down anytime soon. There is still so much music in me that I want people to hear, my fans are the best in the world, and I do this for them first and foremost.”

Change My Mind: Phil Naro: Vocals, Guitar & Harmonica Mike Donohue: Bass Stephen Speelman: Piano Vic Tassone: Drums & Percussion Vinny DePaul: Hammond B3/Leslie & Mellotrons

Vocals recorded at Glass Mountain Studio’s Toronto, CA Mixed & Produced by Frank Tassone @ PacoSound Studios. Medford, New York Photo by Julia Li

Further Information Can Be Found At: Official Wbesite: http://philnaro.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/philnaro/timeline/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/philnaro

Media Contact: Phil Naro: philnaro@live.com Melodic Revolution Records Nick Katona: info@melodicrevolutionrecords.com

Kristoffer Gildenlöw New Album Video Preview No. 3

Kristoffer Gildenlöw has just released his second video for the upcoming album “The Rain” due for worldwide release on April 7th in both CD & Digital formats.

The video simply titled ‘The Rain – Preview 3′, introduces you the audience to the band via a stunning visual montage, while the backdrop intertwines with music from the new album The Rain.


In related news! Kristoffer has revamped his website and has made ‘The Rain’ CD available for pre-order and can also be pre-ordered in various bundles with his highly acclaimed previous release ‘Rust’.

Kristoffer will present his new album live on stage at Boerderij Cultuurpodiucm, Amerikaweg 145, 2717 AV Zoetermeer, Netherlands on March 25th 2016 with special guest on the bill Antimatter.

Tickets for the show are available. http://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/157031?brand=nl_boerderij&camefrom=boerderij

The Live Presentation Band are: Paul Coenradie (Aniday, Valentine), Dec Burke (Frost*, Audioplastik), Dirk Bruinenberg (Patrick Rondat, Elegy), David Gutierrez Rojas (Kingfisher Sky), Anne Bakker (Blaze Bayley), Daniël Huijben (The 11th Hour), and Rick Snel (Déva Dyne)

Connect With Kristoffer Gildenlöw: Official Website: http://www.kristoffergildenlow.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristoffergildenlow.official Twitter: https://twitter.com/krisgildenlow YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KristofferGildenlow

Management & Media Contact: My Music Matters Management Team Kathy Keller: mymusicmattersmt@gmail.com My Music Matters Website: http://www.mymusicmattersmt.com

Label Contact: Melodic Revolution Records: Nick Katona: info@melodicrevolutionrecords.com Label Website: http://mrrmusic.com

Marco Ragni Releases Highly Anticipated Follow-up to “Mother From The Sun”

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Album News New Release

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Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce the release “Land of Blue Echoes” due for worldwide release on March 21st and Pre-Orders to hit on March 7th 2016

“Land of Blue Echoes” is the follow up to the highly acclaimed album “Mother From The Sun” released in December 2014. The new album features 9 stunning original tracks and will be available in CD & Digital Formats.

In a statement from Marco Ragni: Land of Blue Echoes comes from the desire to explore new musical worlds. I tried not to make a copy of my previous album “Mother From The Sun” but to evolve into a new dimension.

There are important and prestigious guests on this record, starting with Durga McBroom longtime vocalist of PINK FLOYD, Multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo (Dave Kerzner Band) Drummer Jacopo Ghirardini (Stalag 17) plus very musical friends and label mates such as Guitarist Peter Matuchniak (Solo & Gekko Project) Bassist Jeff Mack (Scarlet Hollow), Guitarist Colin Tench (Corvus Stone) Keyboardist Vance Gloster (Gekko Project) and Multi-instrumentalist Hamlet (Transport Aerian).

Two songs were written in collaboration with my wife Alessandra Pirani, already the author of many lyrics from “Mother From The Sun” the other 7 tracks composed on this new album with sounds that range from the typical synth of the 70s, psychedelia and acoustic passages and piano carpets. All enriched by powerful rhythms. I hope the new album will bring you to the new worlds… Marco Ragni

Track Listing: 1) Between Moon and Earth 2) Horizons 3) Land of Blue Echoes 4) Money Doesn’t Think 5) Canto D’ Amore 6) Deep Night 7) Beltane 8) Nucleus Parts I -8 9) Queen of Blue Fires

Marco Ragni: Vocals, Acoustic, Electric Guitars & Lap Steel Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Greek Bouzouki

Special Guest: Durga McBroom: Vocals Peter Matuchniak: Electric & Acoustic Guitars Jeff Mack: Bass Vance Gloster: Keyboards and Organ Colin Tench: Electric Guitars Hamlet Transportain: Bass & Keyboards Jacopo Ghirardini: Drums

Media Contact: Marco Ragni markspiders@gmail.com

Melodic Revolution Records Nick Katona info@melodicrevolutionrecords.com