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Melodic Revolution Records / Blog

Port Mahadia to release new album Quantum Space

ORLANDO, Fla. - Feb. 7, 2016 - PRLog -- Port Mahadia are back after an 8 year absence with a follow up to their debut album “Echoes In Time” (2007). The band was formed in 2004, the core of the band consisted of Erinn Waggoner: Bass & Vocals, Cameron Castle: Guitars, Rusty Clutts: Drums & Percussions and William O’Connell: Keyboards, and featured special guests Damian Wilson (Threshold) and cellist Hugh McDowell (Electric Light Orchestra) and David Ragsdale (Kansas).

The band are ready to unleash both their 2nd offering “Quantum Space” and a new line-up. Returning on the new album, singer, songwriter and bassist Erinn Waggoner joined by Johnny Anderson: Guitars and Justin Emmerson: Drums & Percussions. Like their previous effort, the new album also features many special guests, including: Kerry Shacklett (Presto Ballet) Hugh McDowell (Electric Light Orchestra) Will Shaw (Heir Apparent), among others.

Port Mahadia took a detour into this creative project to fulfill the band’s desire to reinvent some Classic music that they have enjoyed over the years whist working on their new material. Port Mahadia is hard at work and in the throes of writing and recording their new original material. Quantum Space showcases eight Classic songs by such artists as Rush, Emerson Lake & Palmer, U.K. and The Beatles among others. Port Mahadia didn’t want this to be just another covers album and playing each track note for note. They wanted to release a fresh take on the Classic songs, so they revamped the songs with there own heavy signature sound while maintaining the integrity of the original version. The album also features two new tracks, Principle of Disorder and Cannae.

Quantum Space will be available in two formats: CD and High Quality Digital Download with pre-orders going on sale February 8th 2016 and worldwide release on February16th 2016

Pre-order http://melodicrevolutionrecords.com/album/quantum-space

Track Listing: Silhouettes In Disguise Rendezvous Principle of Disorder While My Guitar Gently Weeps Working Man South Side Of The Sky I Walk Beside You Cannae Wats Um The Deal A Time And A Place

Port Mahadia is: Johnny Anderson - Guitars Erinn Waggoner – Bass & Vocals Justin Emmerson – Drums & Percussions

Special Guests: Rusty Clutts – Drums & Percussions Will Shaw – Vocals Sol Yamil – Vocals Kerry Shacklett – Keyboards Jared Hill – Keyboards Hugh McDowell – Cello Riccardo Bacchi – Steel Guitar Paul Cecchetti additional effect and choir Grant Hill – Keys arrangement on South Side of The Sky

Leon Alvarado Working On New Album

Progressive Rock artists talks about upcoming release.

According to Leon… I’ve been working hard burning the candle on both ends with my latest project. The music it’s almost all done but this particular project touches on various artistic disciplines. The music of course, and then there is the artwork which reflects the concept in the packaging and booklet. Then there is the story itself, partially written and printed in the booklet but also told through the music and the images.

This is by far my most ambitious project I have done to date, but it’s all coming together quite nicely. I have to give great kudos to my guitarist which happens to be Billy Sherwood (Yes. Circa) another Yes alumni Rick Wakeman will be lending his talent into some of the music.

This project has been a long time in the making but mainly because it had to be shelved due to scheduling conflicts. Now that my schedule has cleared, I am diving into this thing head first.

The artwork is coming along great and will have a nod of sorts into the great album covers from when the industry was at its peak. The album will be another Melodic Revolution Records release but no definite date has been set yet. It will be this year for sure but there are still many pieces to go before I feel is ready to be released.

Leon’s latest release is a single for the video Persistence released on December 15, 2015 other releases include: 2014 Music From An Expanded Universe (2014) Strangers In A Strange Places (2010) Plays Genesis And Other Stuff (20o9)

For Additional Information: Official Website: http://www.leonplaysmusic.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Leonplaysmusic Melodic Revolution Records: http://mrrmusic.com/leon-alvarado/

Media Contact: Leon Alverado service@leonplaysmusic.com

Unified Past Reward Fans for Pre-Ordering New Album

Unified Past album “Shifting the Equilibrium” scheduled for pre-release Friday August 28th and physical release on September 15, 2015.

The new album by Unified Past goes on sale as pre-orders this Friday August 28th, and as a bonus to the first 100 people that pre-order the new album “Shifting the Equilibrium” they will receive a FREE digital copy of “From The Beginning” A reinterpretation of the Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s classic by Unified Past.

Other bonus items include one of the following while supplies last: Unified Past CD: Spots, Unified Past CD: Observations or one of the two Long Island’s Labyrinth albums “Breaking The Atmosphere” or “Endangered Species,” the Labyrinth items are very limited and rare. Labyrinth is pre Unified Past. Album art was once again created by world famous fantasy artist Ed Unitsky and all band photos and upcoming video shot by Scott Hamilton.

Track Listing: Erasure Principle Smile (In The Face Of Adversity) Etched in Stone Peace Remains In This World Deviation From A Theme (Of Harmonic Origin) Today Is The Day

Unified Past Is: Phil Naro: Vocals Stephen Speelman: Vocals, Guitar & Keys Dave Mickelson: Bass Victor Tassone: Drums & Percussion

For more information: www.unifiedpast.com www.facebook.com/pages/Unified-Past/189506772045 www.mrrmusic.com/unified-past www.facebook.com/ed.unitsky.official www.scotthamiltonphotographer.com

Phil Naro, Victor and Frank Tassone release Ace Frehley Track “Rip It Out”

Rip It Out re-recorded and performed by: Phil Naro: (DDrive, ex Talas, ex Peter Criss) Vocals Victor Tassone: (Unified Past, Corvus Stone) Drums Frank Tassone: Guitars & Bass Vocals recorded at Glass Mountain Studio’s Toronto, CA Guitars & Drums were recorded at “PacoSound Studio” Long Island NY. Mixing and Mastering by Frank Tassone at “PacoSound Studio” Long Island NY. Released by Mitch Lafon for “A World With Hero’s Charity Fund.” “Rip It Out” Originally Recorded and released in 1978 by Ace Frehley for his self titled solo album. About the recording: Victor and Frank Tassone were taking a breather in the studio from working on the on upcoming Unified Past album, Victor is the drummer and percussionist for Unified Past and his brother Frank works with the band in production, mixing & mastering. Both Victor and Frank decided to record a cover of Ace Frehley’s track “Rip It Out” just for fun, but the track came out so well that the decided to enlist their label mate Phil Naro to sing the song. After it was all said and done, they were stoked about the song and decided to contact Mitch Lafon to donate the track to “A World With Hero’s Charity Fund.” Phil was already acquainted with Mitch as he already donated tracks to the CD “A World with Heroes – A Kiss Tribute For Cancer Care.” The song is now available on iTunes, a portions of the proceeds will be going to A World With Hero’s Charity Fund.

We are proud to announce the signing of Drastic Fall

We are very excited to be working with Drastic Fall a Florida Experimental Funk Metal Band based out of Tampa. We have been following this band for over a year and we feel it’s time to take this band to the next level. Drastic Fall has a lot to offer, both as a live band and through their releases. Drastic Fall began as a concept inside of the mind of its guitarist, Richard “Dick” Nasrallah. Like Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, Dick’s vision is both human and monster, relatable but frightening. Dicks’ brain child was born when he began collaborating with Christopher “Monkey” Fotter in 2006, and later Geoff Stone and Cory Robbins. Drastic Fall’s music is a collection of mind-blowing, in-your-face experimental metal with multiple different musical genre overtones. Their sound varies from easy listening, to carnival noises and everything in between. The music is laden with superhuman guitar riffs, rhythmic bass lines and dynamic drum beats. In a statement from the band: Drastic Fall would like to thank Nick Katona and everybody at Melodic Revolution Records for the opportunity to join the MRR family. We are all looking forward to collaborating with you, your team and other MRR artists. After years of hard work we have found someone that sees potential in our music that wants to help bring us to the next level. We feel this is truly a great opportunity for both Drastic Fall and MRR and we are looking forward to a long relationship between the two. Drastic fall has 2 independent CD releases and one DVD release under their belt. 2011 “Everything, All the Time, All at Once” CD 2012 “Stuff and Things” DVD 2014 “Self Titled” CD For Additional Information: Official Website: http://drasticfall.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drasticfallband Melodic Revolution Records: http://mrrmusic.com/drastic-fall/ Media & Booking Contact: Booking and Media: Richard Nasrallah ape_productions@yahoo.com

Transport Aerian To Release LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release by Transport Aerian is a new nine track live album called “LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE”

Transport Aerian to release its 4th album on April 22nd 2014, and the 2nd one for Melodic Revolution Records. LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE features Hamlet on Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, sampling, and programming as well as the addition of Stefan Boeykens on Guitars, guitar loops. This live collaboration really seems to add some brilliant textures to the fabric of the live album, which is the follow up to Bleeding released in 2013 and reissued as 24 Bit-Remaster an March 2014.

Track List: Love, Inspire, Fog Vision, Float, Nightsky, Winter, Minor Moody, Triangle Town and Radio Void.

According to the band: Transport Aerian had an opportunity to perform a number of live shows supporting the album Bleeding, which was released in 2013 and recently reissued in High-Definition deluxe version on Melodic Revolution Records. We are aware, however, that there are plenty of music lovers all around the world who are unable to come and see us live, as Transport Aerian have never been a ‘local’ type of band due to its musical and spiritual nature.

This brought the idea to make live recordings of the program which we are playing during our shows now, so that those who enjoy Transport Aerian but can’t attend the shows would be able to hear it, feel it and enjoy it, too. LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE, set consists of the core songs from the most recent album Bleeding, alongside with some Stefan’s instrumental compositions based on real-time guitar looping and a bit of material from project’s album Blessed (2009).

For more information about Transport Aerian: Artist Page: http://mrrmusic.com/transport-aerian/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transportaerian Power of Prog: http://powerofprog.com/profile/TransportAerianProject

The Ugly Truth Will Be Revealed This Summer By Voice of The Enslaved

Voice of the Enslaved will be the next release by Blake Carpenter and falls under the heading of a new solo project. Blake is the man that brought you the critically acclaimed album The Road to Avalon by The Minstrel’s Ghost as well as adding his signature style to the debut release with Corvus Stone.

Blake Carpenter describes this new effort; “Are you aware of the manipulation and brainwashing we are subjected to minute by minute? If not then you are in for a shock. This is not a scam, this is not a hoax, and it’s a horrifying realty that must be told to all.

Voice of The Enslaved will be a heavy hitting album about being subservient and led to slaughter in this corporatocracy we live in. Voice of the Enslaved is full of not so subtle clues to how we ended up in this “1984″ scenario. It is not meant to be political but anti establishment. From the slop we watch to the slop we eat we are under the spell of a few men who wish to keep us all in the dark when it comes to their agenda. For decades we have been groomed to follow blindly, buying what they tell us to, eating what they tell us to, saying what they want us to, to believe that what they say is definitive. “Some of us have begun to awaken from our hypnotic slumber of obedience and are now trying to reach the rest of you so that we may fight the corporate giants with numbers instead of with money and violence. We as a people could never afford to fight them in court, which are controlled by them anyway, but if we all begin to take control of our own lives and our own destiny then we can stop this before it is too late. In a sense we would still be fighting them with money but by hitting them where it will do the most for this cause, the purse.”

Voice Of The Enslaved Is: Blake Carpenter, Vocals, Keyboards & Acoustic Guitars (The Minstrels Ghost, Corvus Stone & Coalition) Zoltan Csörsz Jr, Drums (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic & The Minstrels Ghost) Petri “Lemmy” Lindström, Bass Guitars (Progeland & Corvus Stone) Robert McClung, Guitars (Telergy)

Special Guests TBA. Available mid 2014 on Melodic Revolution Records Artwork by Ed Unitsky

We Are Proud To Announce The Signing Belgium Act Transport Aerian

Transport Aerian signs a multi-album deal with Melodic Revolution Records. Transport Aerian is a progressive rock oriented project led by producer and multi-instrumentalist Hamlet.

The project sets no strict genre borders, and is not limited by any musical or spiritual boundaries. Transport Aerian has worked with various musicians to create a variety of musical styles and nuances keeping true to their poetic, sharp-edged style.

Since 2007 it has independently released a couple of albums obtaining generally positive response from the press all over the world. The project’s most recent release is a dark, artistic poetic journey called “Bleeding”, which was well received and acknowledged in the independent progressive rock community.

Melodic Revolution Records will be reissuing a 24 Bit Re-Master of the 10 track album “Bleeding” as well as a live album. Both albums will be a digital-only releases and will be available worldwide via all popular Digital Distribution Outlets.

According to Hamlet, in August 2013 Transport Aerian was transformed into a duo together with an experimental guitar player Stefan Boeykens. Transport Aerian keeps fulfilling its journey towards the open space of musical, spiritual and poetic experimentation and is open to everyone who is willing to hear the music.

Current lineup: Hamlet: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Samples and Loop triggering. Stefan Boeykens: Guitars & Guitar loops.

More info can be found at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transportaerian Power of Prog: http://powerofprog.com/profile/TransportAerianProject

We are proud to announce the signing of British Hard Rock Act Morpheus Rising.

Morpheus Rising is a five piece hard ‘n’ heavy British rock band formed in 2008. The band is heavily influenced by their peers; Saxon, UFO, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden. Morpheus Rising has forged a reputation for their stage shows and music by incorporating precision twin guitars, power chords and fast guitar solos, upbeat tempos, soaring melodic vocals, rounded out by a tight rhythm section. The band has incorporated many elements of the NWOBHM bands of the late 70’s and early 80’s which set the standards and made these bands famous.

After years of touring and a string of EP’s Morpheus Rising released their first full length album in late 2011. 2012 saw the band touring their critically acclaimed debut album “Let The Sleeper Awake” across the UK. The album has been regularly featured by Johnny Doom on Kerrang Radio, Shane Carlson on arFM, Tony Corner on Firebrand Radio and elsewhere throughout Europe and the US. The band has been featured in Classic Rock Prog Magazine, Classic Rock Society Magazine and one track was also featured on the cover mount CD by Classic Rock Society Magazine which led to a growing new fan base and sales across Europe, Asia and North America.

In 2013 the original drummer Paul “Gibbo” Gibbons departed the band. For their well received summer tour with Panic Room, Henry Rogers of Touchstone, DeeExpus, has been filling in on drums. Morpheus Rising has been auditioning drummers and hopes to have an announcement in the near future, in the meantime the band has started writing new material and recording is now underway on the as yet untitled new album. Their live shows are beginning to feature songs shortlisted for the upcoming release due out in late 2013 early 2014.

Video Link: Lord of the North from Let The Sleeper Awake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Xk8NWqOIf4&feature=share&list=FLLb9g0GoGeHK1X6LbEfHDpQ

Teaser track from the forthcoming release by Morpheus Rising. https://soundcloud.com/melodicrevolutionrecords/morpheus-rising-mega-city-one

Morpheus Rising is... Si Wright – Vocals Pete Harwood – Guitars Damien James – Guitars Andy Smith – Bass

For more information… http://www.morpheusrising.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/MorpheusRising http://www.melodicrevolution.com

Booking: info@morpheusrising.co.uk

The following is a statement by Morpheus Rising: We're very excited to be joining forces with Melodic Revolution Records and being part of a family of like minded people, artists and bands. A great big thank you to all the fans and everyone whose support has got us this far. We're looking forward to bigger and even better things with Nick Katona and his team behind us!

DDRIVE Hit Critical Mass With Upcoming Release

DDRIVE have been hard at work on their follow up to the critically acclaimed album 3D which was release in the summer of 2010. The band has never been one to rush a project as they believe quality of their recordings is more important than the quantity of releases. DDRIVE are keeping a tight lid on the details of the new album, but promise that the fans of DDRIVE and fans of rock ‘n’ roll will not be disappointed. The new album should see a late fall release.

In the midterm the band have also been working hard on a retrospective album called “Critical Mass” to introduce a whole new generation of rock fans to their brand of rock n roll, while giving their loyal and steady followers an album of classics and a taste of what’s to come. “Critical Mass” consists of music recorded between 2004 and 2013 and features 2 bonus tracks, a newly re-recorded acoustic version of “I’m A Little Outside” plus a brand new song called “Ten Things I hate the Most” “Critical Mass” is scheduled for an April release.

Track Listing From The Upcoming New album Critical Mass: Due out April 2013

01) Wait Till the Sun Goes Down 02) Another Funky Day 03) Dig Down 04) Down Rotten Dirty 05) Diamond Star Halo 06) Next Train 07) You're Never Alone 08) Pray for Tomorrow 09) Always Done 10) Can’t Dig Your Way Out 11) Dead On The Highway 12) Welcome to My World 13) Build My Castle 14) A Little Bitta Sunshine 15) Down Deep 16) Missing 17) I Don’t Wanna Wait 18) Chains On You 19) Lock Lips 20) I Can Feel No Pain 21) Never Had A Chance

Bonus Tracks:

22) I’m A Little Outside (New Version) Acoustic 23) Ten Things I hate the Most (New Original) Acoustic

This release will also come with a e-booklet In related news DDRIVE are gearing up for a string of shows in support of the 2 new releases the first of many dates that have been confirmed are: Nolas in Rochester, NY on May 11th and a return trip to The Rockpile in Canada on August 31 st 2013 other shows to be announced soon. For more information: Visit the bands official website: http://ddrive.com/ Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DDrive