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Just My Take

Just My Take Life-Music-Bruce Swedien By Ramsees Mechan. Co-Written and Edited: Phil Temple I truly believe music is one of the "most powerful and influential" forces we have on this earth today. It can inspire and motivate your soul, your heart, your emotions, your creativity, in so many unbelievable ways. Music is such a powerful instrument and If you listen close enough" it's seems to be everywhere... It's funny how a great musical composition can move your spirit ... emotionally, mentally, or physically. Having been involved in music for most of my life, I learned early that music is like a great New Orleans "Gumbo" but the main ingredient in music is " your soul" ... Music is something written, spoken (either by mouth or instrumentation), then transmitted through some medium, either it be radio, a CD, or like today via the internet. Now it becomes something special an emotion, something inspiring to be whatever it is meant to be! No one really knows or truly understands the reason why we are so attracted to these unique sounds but man when they sound good, it just feels "Good" and through great music we can express real and true emotion. Now ever since I could remember I have always been into the arts, either through drawing, poetry, dance, acting, and music... etc. Music has always had a special place in my heart, because it's where I can express myself freely, a place where I can lose myself, and then find myself, again, this is why I love making music and recording music. Being involved with music has been one of my greatest experiences on earth and to be able to capture and express those moments sonically in a studio... I just can't explain it in words. The dictionary defines recording as something technical, but I believe it should be considered an art form simply because recording music is more than just pushing faders and turning knobs, it's about capturing an emotion with an artist, creating a defining moment in time... a moment of real expression. Many people today recording today's music, sometimes... well most of the time they forget or really don't understand why they are in the studio, I say and truly believe it is to capture the vision, the emotion, and to make a statement to the world! As engineers/producers, it is our job and responsibility to make sure this happens. As we sit in front of the console and setting up microphones, our client trust that we will do everything possible to help them make their statement the best it can be both musically and sonically. Now of course at the beginning of my career i truly didn't know or understand any of these things, but that all changed when I met Bruce Swedien and meeting him changed my life forever. Bruce, has definitely been an inspiration to me and I appreciate him sharing his invaluable insight and wisdom of music with me, and the rest of the world. Through Bruce I found the missing piece of my puzzle in a musical aspect and he has taught me what it is to truly make a statement through my music and that making records is not just about the latest technology, it's a gift from your heart and soul! Bruce, is unlike anyone I have ever met someone so thoughtful, and respectful to the recording process! He has shown me how to embrace and understand what recording is all about. Bruce, having worked with and recorded The King of Pop Michael Jackson for more then 25 yrs, many consider Bruce a musical version of a........Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, or Van Gogh even." I truly believe that you are an artist when you have a real passion for something, and to me I would have to say Bruce is The Artist... and Bruce's art is recording music and bringing it to life thus giving the world a Beautiful Masterpiece!