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Frequently Asked Questions:

We have so many artists ask us the same questions over and over again, so to relieve some of the headache, we have created the F.A.Q. page.

If the Answers below don’t help you out, then ask us.

Q. What will DMI do for my band?

A. DMI is a full service Entertainment Agency specializing in Booking and Management. Depending on what you want from us, the answers vary differently. I have included a little of what Management Offers. Depending on the Management Package, this will vary slightly. What is listed below is our Diamond Package.

Artist Development Consultations Photo Sessions Website Development Studio Recording Advertising Marketing Media Distribution Magazine Placements Working With Booking Agents Working With Promoters Label Shopping Licensing Music Publishing Contracts

Q. Does DMI charge for there Management Services?

A. Yes. Our Packages and Prices vary significantly, please consult and agent for specific details.

We offer 4 different packages

Development Package Gold Package Platinum Package Diamond Package

Q. Why do you charge? That sounds like a scam.

A. We charge because of the great amount of work that goes into the Development of an Artist and time. If you do yours research EVERY agency charges a retainer fee for there services, once you research, you will find for the amount of work we do, and time we put in, we are one of the cheapest in the industry. And you will never feel like a “little fish in a big pond.”

Q. Does DMI charge for Booking?

A. If you are a signed Artist to DMI, the answer is NO. If you are an artist that calls our office and you need shows, then yes. Please consult an agent for specific prices and details.

Q. If we sign to DMI, are allowed to work with other outside promoters, or booking agents.

A. If you have to ask this question, then you are not ready for an Agent. When you sign to an Agency, you sign with them Exclusively, there is not an Agency in this industry that will allow you to work with another Competitor Agency.

Example: If I signed with Atlantic Records but Capitol wanted to do a record with me a week later, Do you think Atlantic would allow this? Absolutely not.

Q. My band is awesome, can I send in a CD or EPK for you to review.

A. DMI Entertainment Group, does NOT accept any Unsolicited material. If you were contacted, then that means you have perked the Interest of one of our agents, we will be in touch.

I hope these answered the most common questions you have. If not then contact us, and we will give you an answer.

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