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Thanks for the Support at the Machinery Cell Release!

FINALLY Getting the Thank-Yous Out for Machinery Cell's CD Release I know, I know! Really fucking late coming, but it's been a busy week and apparently I'm the only fucker who writes worth a shit and i almost died this week so FUCK THE HELL OFF!! At least I'm getting to it and not just blowing it off! First and foremost: The Artists! The boys from The Haven Effect almost didn't make it, but they changed their various schedules around and they just absolutely amazed and awed the crowd. The eclectic mix and broad spectrum of material just kept everyone waiting for more, and we've had more requests to work with you guys more than we've experienced about any one artist in a LONG time! And Gabe, sorry you missed it, man, but we're excited for next time! Entity, Prophecy, Moniker: the new set is fucking RAW! LOVING it! brought the A game, as always, and decided to throw the Q in just for some spice, LTD -style! Too bad you couldn't stay and drain the keg, but the universe is probably better for it! Words to your moms....... no, seriously, she was supposed to call me back and she's been ducking...... Existence, what can I say? Even though neither of you was particularly happy with your set, you just fucking DESTROYED!!! Can't WAIT until the next time, and it's always fun working with family. Now the other amazing people: Dani, thanks for keeping Drummer sane enough to release the album. Isaiah, thanks for the sound, the backline, and the long conversations that ran way too fucking late. Nikki, for all the food and drinks, and for playing defense with the Sherriff's Department. Vogel, for just being you. Mattman, for trying to keep my stupid ass focused. Shiela, for picking up supplies and trying to maintain a sense of normalcy with my kids. Shelley, for reigning in the midgets.....I'm forgetting some, I know, and you can reauchambeau me later. Mostly, thank you to everyone who came out! We had fun, we hope you did, too! We want to start doing more and more, and we need that support in order to do so. The whole reason we do this is that we genuinely ENJOY it! We love the music and the art and the people in this culture! Please, PLEASE, keep supporting!

Directions to the Machinery Cell CD Release Party on August 8th

From Rifle: Take a right at the roundabout right before Kum & Go, headed towards the Super 8. Stay on that road, CR 320, until you pass the 7th Day Adventist Church on your right. Continue up the hill, through the switchbacks, and stay on 320 Road across Taughenbaugh Mesa. You will pass a ranch with white fences before heading back down the hill. At the bottom of the mesa, the road straightens out for quite a ways. Continue until you see a red barn on your left, almost all the way across the valley. Just past the red barn is a left turn on a dirt road; take it. You will come to a four-way intersection with no stop signs, and you want to take the left. The Wire Fence is the first house on the right. There are several parking areas up close to the house in the roundabout. From the Rulison exit: Head south (towards the green side of the river) and go through the first stop sign. Continue until you reach CR 309 on your left and take it. You will go up the hill and across a mesa until you come to a tee in the road. This is CR 320, and you want to go right down the hill. At the very bottom of the hill, you will see a red barn on your right and a dirt road going right just before it. Take the right. You will come to a four-way intersection with no stop signs, and you want to take the left. The Wire Fence is the first house on the right. There are several parking areas up close to the house in the roundabout.

Who we are and why we're here

As the couple of us left holding the reins to this seemingly dead horse were mulling over just what to do about our future, we came to two realizations. First option, find a reputable necromancer to raise said horse. Second option, and far more reasonable as necromancers are expensive and as untrustworthy as insurance salesmen, was to infuse some much-needed new blood into the horse and see if it picks itself back up. So, here's the deal. Psikotyk, a.k.a. S. Eric Smith, will still be the voice of UnReason, in charge of marketing, scheduling, and generally causing the ruckus necessary to make the world sit up and pay attention. e-mail: sericsmith@hotmail.com ph: 970-412-8605 site: myspace.com/psikotyk facebook: Eric Smith Mikel Vogel is taking the role of Leash Holder, finding talent, distributing media, and heading up the street teams and any ground work that needs done. Vogel has been an essential element in the Prophecy team for many years now, and it's really overdue that he has taken this role. e-mail: finallyfound_03@yahoo.com site: myspace.com/finallyfound_03 M.C. Entity, a.k.a. Matt Johnson, a.k.a. Entity White, is taking over Finance and about half of the management duties, and will be the Artist Liaison for the majority of the groups we deal with. His experiences in live performing and his strong ties in the hip-hop community will make all the difference in revitalizing the scene in Western Coolorado. site: myspace.com/mcentity facebook: Matt Johnson Dr. Ummer, a.k.a. Jesse Robinson, a.k.a. Cordyceps, is going to head up our Research & Developmet from now on. Refer all odd questions to him, and if you're looking for an unbiased opinion, look no further. He will make you cry if you need it. site: myspace.com/hisdrumness site: myspace.com/cordycepsmusic facebook: Jesse Robinson And we still have tons of contacts in the arts and entertainment industries, don't hesitate to ask for a referral if you need design work, merch, marketing, recording, or engineering. We love to sell our friends! Then they owe us stuff....