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The Art of Sound

When people ask me why I switched from drummer to sound production, I answer that it's all about the sound. At least to me it is. I mix, master and generally produce everyday. Right now I can hear better than in any other point in my life. I listen for the edges of the sound. A good edge in sound will be preceded by a moment of silence. Silence is important. Silence is a musical element on par with any instrument or voice in the mix. Silence is drama. Most mixes I hear are decent but they lack depth and sparkle. I have the ability to pop the song into three dimensions instead of the two-dimensional format that they are left in. Don't get me wrong, my mixes sound somewhat flat until I master the them. This is the Art of Sound.

What I do is to connect with the ears and minds of the listener. I create emotional moments with which the listener can respond. Staying natural in the mix and cutting instead of boosting gives the listener a better listen. You may have heard the word "fatigue" being bantered about. Listener fatigue is real I have done this long enough to know that a song will induce fatigue from the first listen. I can reduce listener fatigue. This is the Art of Sound.

With a finished mix, I sometimes have to pry out the sound of one instrument without affecting the other instruments in the mix. Very small eq changes (like a 1/4 db) affects the whole sound. The sound engineering community is still learning about what sounds good to people. People who are entertained by your music from become fans. Fans are the lifeblood of the artist. This is the Art of Sound.

Running Sound

I am a producer of high quality sound. My method is to take the individual tracks and blend them together to make the song speak in many voices but with a singular purpose of supporting the lead singer. I also make sure that I am mixing live sound for bands on the typical Friday and Saturday night. This gives me ability to watch people react to my sound choices. It's fun to watch people get excited over the sound of the band. The band creates the dramatic swings and most bands really mix themselves. I am the director who provides focus and attention on the individual musician as they play their parts. I will give each musician their own lane in which to play. This gives the audience member a way to follow a particular player.