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The Rufus ArmMe

We are not your traditional record label. We are indie, but we have resources that match what these majors are offering. We believe the climate of the music industry will never be the same and that the people will ultimately have the power to hear and get what they want. We believe in the power in numbers and creating a family of artist dedicated to protect the house that Rufus built. We want you to come and see what we can offer your music career and learn about how we will be on top of this industry real soon. Welcome to the ArmMe! Where you own all your rights and receive all the money from your hard work. No 360 deals, we dont take over your management or booking - you remain in full control of everything you need. We just want to promote you and deliver a final package ready for the majors if you choose! This is the ArmMe and we represent this Rufus Familia!