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Tick Tock

Our passion for music died in the year 2011. I think we murdered it to make it stop. If we did not slay it something surely did. It manifested itself in a prolonged spectacular display of shoving and shouting of creative profanities. Good. It is time to put the body of work to bed. The hearts and souls in the songs will wake up a hundred years from now. Good. With that said, we bid a fond farewell to our beloved followers and all the magnificent talent provided by many of the best in the industry. Goodnight, wherever you are, and god speed. Sincerely, Marla Davis.

Nashville Before Noon

Eerie visiting Nashville before noon. It's all glass and closed doors. We had a mini-Nashville going on at our Arizona home in—oh…1995 or thereabouts. A fellow musician and her partner were having domestic troubles due to "…can they come stay with you–it's getting kinda crowded ya know?" When that rattletrap van pulled up into Keith's parking space and disgorged two very high-strung musician types and one laissez faire flautist, I figured it was up to me to suggest moving their van before Keith came home from his DaYYY Job. It seemed like a good idea at the time. What I wasn't ready for was the woebegone astonishment of the van's occupants at not having been greeted red-carpet-style. Nevermind, let's get on with it. The first two things to go were: (drumroll...) the paper towels and toilet paper. Then the sheets and towels. Then the food. But nothing happened before noon. Our dogs were put down that next morning, and I was cleaning up the outside area. I heard the arcadia door scrape open, then, "Zat cawfee t'dayz er yestedayz." Wot! OMG. I got kicked out of my office, George was dispatched elsewhere, and the gang then numbered four. Sometime in the next few days I had to get into my office before noon. I knocked, announced myself and opened the door to two slurping rather naked Chicago persons tangled in covers on the floor. I was careful where I stepped.

Ambage Music: Why?

When we got around to naming our business, we knew it was going to be looong and circuitous. I wish--I wish-- I wish I'da named it something else, like ZipZap, or Clickety Ding!--anything but a name like 'Ambage.' I coulda, I coulda named it something zippy, but the route would still be looong and circuitous, wouldn't it?

Or, maybe you started out with the benefit of knowledge; and, at a time when promo and all was a piece of virtual cake instead of 'here-there-everywhere marketing, posting, commenting, selling.

I hope you did. I hope you have lots and lots of help with your music. Otherwise, I guaran--goddam-tee ya, something will break, and when it does, it takes down everything and everybody with it.

Then you begin again.

Or not. But I suggest that you do begin again as many times as it takes.

Good luck all!!!!

Best wishes, Marla Davis

Oh Wow!

Hi there fans and friends! Long time, no see. My bad. My artist, Keith Curtis, stopped working. No, wait, that's a good thing, for me anyway. You see, he created a huge backlog of songs and novels. I am glad he is not working right now. It gives me a chance. Before, I had little or no chance of catching up on all things managerial! And what do you know?! Along came a new person to take some of the pressure off. He lives at the exact opposite of the globe from where I am chained to this desk. The gods and goddesses no doubt had a hand in bringing Nikhil S Khandekar of Webwrit into the heat of editing Keith's work! I wished for an editor. I got one, and he rocks at editing, content writing, translation, and as an art director! Am I lucky or what?! Within a couple of weeks, "An Accidental Plan," a David Arrington novel, will be available at online stores everywhere. Thank you, each and every one of our fans and friends from around the world! Best wishes, Marla Davis

Crazy Enough

You! Yes, you the recording artists. Find yourself a crazy woman to take care of the details of your releases. If she starts out that way, she won't know it ends that way. A one-woman corporation takes a lot of heat throughout the production of one project. By the time six more projects roll by, she will be outside in the night staring at the moon, wondering what happened. A manager has to get out of the kitchen to take the heat. Frankly, there has been little or no home cooking since the first project. Projects take up the whole house. Then when that one's full, you have to move. Do that enough times, and you learn to live with a toothbrush and a change of undies. That's all I can say for now. Be careful and follow your dreams. Just be careful, okay?

Oh, you know

Where'd the last few decades go. Music does that, you know. It steals your everything. Best I can do now is appreciate the new music, share it, and wish the bands all my best for a spectacular future!

The 18 Songs Are Home

I thank each and every one of you who urged us to continue, who stood by us when the going got rough. Babies were born, relatives and plants died, and we made a few enemies who are still out there looking for their own pot of gold.

Heads Up For POWERFUL Performance by Keith

One HELLUVA Powerful Performance by Keith Curtis coming up at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix https://tickets.aftonshows.com/keithcurtis

The Show Calendar Gray List

Let me give you a little history on this: AftonShows.com booked Keith Curtis at the Phoenix Rhythm Room for an appearance during the venue's twenty-year anniversary.

The Problem: No matter which social network avenue I choose to promote Keith's appearance, I run into gaps. The gap between ticket purchases specifically for Keith, and the venue's calendar is wide.

To you, dear reader, the problem is akin to grocery shopping. When a shopper wants a certain grocery product to be more visible, you get in return: "Oh. That's up to the distributor."

In the case of AftonShows booking Keith, AftonShows is the distributor. The grocery store is the Phoenix Rhythm Room. So, when I go looking for a direct link to the venue for fans, I find that Keith is on the bottom shelf of the calendar display, in the gray area way down below the prominent calendar. "That," says the kind and respectful Rhythm Room, "is up to AftonShows."

The public perception is that Keith must not be very good, since he is not prominent. In reality, it's all about money. Understandable. What is missing?

Well, 'what is missing' could be one (or more) of two things. First, he did not pay enough for the prime slot; or, he put his funding into quality over a long period of time. Which one of those two options do you recognize as valid?

Best wishes, Marla Davis


Out of the proverbial clear blue, comes an opportunity. Keith Curtis has been accepted as a VIP at the 2011 Independent Music Summit. Since Keith's music has proven itself through airplay throughout his career, we can only surmise that he was chosen for this year's event because of his durability and persistence. Certainly, it is not because he makes a lot of noise; certainly, it is not because he is flashy; so it must be something else. Luck? Maybe. Are we ready for this opportunity? Absolutely! Is our body of work mature enough to wend our way through the maze of this summit? Does it take skill, or is it all in how many Swarkovski crystals we can sew onto our lapels in time for the soriees? Come the end of September, 2011, we will know.