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A message from "The General*****2016 another great year for history in the making. Stay tune for music by:"LJ Tha Dragon", FOLLOWING THE DEBUT VIDEO "Hit'em Wit It" featuring 600hunnittBj of Bearface, Familyties. "Hit'em Wit It" RUNS THE GAMUT OF "REAL LIFE" STREET MUSIC, WITNESS THE GROWTH FIRST HAND BY SUBSCRIBING, FOLLOW A LEGACY OF UNDERGROUND LONGEVITY, AS WE WILL CONTINUE TO STAY LOYAL TO OUR FANS . CD'S CAN BE PURCHASED ON I-TUNES,,... Our mission is to join forces with all cultural music listeners abroad. Cross promotion & support marketing will be vital to our operation. We must move as one body, one cause. The plan is to build the biggest underground support base for Artist and musicians to get there music heard congregate with artist all over the world and with the support of this network be able to get paid doing gigs by simply networking, join forces, the strength lye in numbers, In the coming months of 2016 will be the open enrollment period for all whose interested in taking control of there career and being part of the biggest movement ever. We also career development I was taught to "creep while they sleep", meaning; when the world is asleep your up planning, pushing forward, and weighing out all the options. At this time I'd like all interested artist and industry personnel to sign up with your email address by entering your information into the street team widget.