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BBR Productions Inc. / Blog

What is BBR Productions Inc.?

We are a Long Island based Consulting, Marketing, and Development company for the past 15 years.

Our mission is to "Bring reality to your dreams". We accomplish this by being an affordable, all inclusive production company for any type of venture, and to those individuals who wish to find success in life. For over 15 years, we have taught individuals and companies alike to take their success beyond expectations through Consultation, Marketing, and Development

Hiring BBR Productions allows us to work side by side with each client through essential steps that ensure a complete educational experience. This allows our clients to utilize the information we provide them to its full capacity. Whether in person, by phone, or through emails, our team is always ready and willing to help answer questions using solution finding tactics since, as we like to say, "There are no walls, only solutions".


Monthly Newsletter August 2011

Monthly Newsletter August 2011 Edition Office-631-599-2263 BBRProductions@Gmail.com www.BytheBloodoftheRoseProductions.com Twitter: @BBRPro News One month into our offices and were excited at all the positive feedback we have received. Thanks to all who came out to our first free seminar July 14. Erin Chase had her first photo shoot last week pictures will be out soon. She is working hard for her single to be released in the coming months. We have had some very fruitful talks with three groups for marketing exposure and consultation. BBR Looks forward to announcing these fine folks very soon so keep an eye out for the forthcoming announcements. Its been a busy month with several websites being developed, our own Blogs starting up and several new clients added to the family. Time to Expand? Maybe so! This Month We will be holding a free seminar on the 18th of August which is open to artists of all kinds start time is 7 pm and should run until 9 pm. For more Info please call our offices. We have picked up two scripts we are casting for one a theater production and one TV pilot. We are also in talks with Discovery for a reality show so stay tuned for that. If you would like to be considered for any of these please send an email to BBRoseproductions@gmail.com We are looking to schedule a group of people for head-shots this month. Last month we had several people come in to the offices for this and it went very well for all involved. If you are interested, and you should be! Call and we shall set you up. Tom's Notes I am a big fan of change, or moving forward and succeeding in goals. Goals I've set and those around me. I enjoy working with Ed, and the clients that have come in looking to make a career of their chosen skill. I am very excited about Erin Chase, and what we have coming up for her. In the next month I look forward to making more happen with BBR Productions, including our other projects in the works. Peace in harmony, until again... Ed's Notes It has been an amazing month. Four new clients, in talks for another three. Headshots, Photoshoots, Graphic design, New blogs and the possibility of a Virtual Online office presence. Best of all I met many many new people. I want to thank those of you who came out to our seminar this past month, you folks were great. Coming soon to a .... We are offering classes now on Communication, Marketing, Branding, Social Media. We have been kicking around in the office the idea of having a FFA type meeting (that's a free - for all you non namers) Were we would let people come in and just have a 'anything goes' type of format. We think this would be beneficial to many people allowing them to ask their own specific questions and hear others as well. We would be interested in hearing your opinions on this so send us an Email with them.

July 2nd, 2011 - Opening of new office

Greetings; We are delighted to announce that By the Blood of the Rose Productions or BBR Productions Inc, has opened its offices and is excited to be working more closely with the Long Island entertainment community. Our company is an affordable and all inclusive production firm for every type of artist and those wishing to showcase a wide variety of talent. Specializing in consultation, marketing and development. we help bring reality to peoples dreams through education, direction and networking. BBR Productions staff has over 15 years in the entertainment industry working with clubs, theaters, comics, musicians, writers and artists. We are uniquely positioned to help no matter the circumstances. We offer seminars using our own T.A.C. Strategies as well as private consultation with our experienced instructors covering a range of topics. For clubs and other venues looking for acts and shows we have numerous ways of fulfilling your needs through marketing, advertising, networking and consultation in other key areas of the business. We also are available for creation, implementation and coaching of your ideas for your current staff to help them be the best they can be from both a management and a consumer viewpoint. BBR Productions also organizes its own events in local clubs, theaters, college campuses and libraries. This helps us remain a part of the community we love. We look forward to working with you, Thomas J. Bellezza Edward J. Neary BBR Productions Inc. PO BOX 1343 Westhampton Beach NY, 11978 Phone - 631-599-2263 Email – BBRoseproductions@gmail.com Website – ByTheBloodOfTheRoseProductions.com