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Who do You recommend?

Lots of artists have made submissions to sign with Moiko Records. Currently we have 51 Albums Released and 20 more scheduled to be released this year.

We are always looking for the Best in Every Genre, I repeat, EVERY Genre. We are not only looking for special talent, but also special people.

We look at various qualities when we select artists to sign with us. Who do you know and recommend? Why?

We measure the artists ability to succeed by various factors, which include: 1) Cooperation - If you won't cooperate no one will want to work with you. 2) Fans - Are people interested in your music? Who are they where are they?

3) Do you perform live, touring, charity events, etc?

4) Do you have good Photos, good stories, videos, anything for publicity?

Evaluate your artists, and if you think they meet the above recommendation, ask them to come to our site at www.moikorecords.net and say they were recommended by You. (Make sure you leave a blog reply to let me know you were the one that recommended them) Then friend connect with us. We have something special for our friends who make recommendations.

Thank You.