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Seeking Original Talent

We're looking for new talent at CrossChart Records. Submit your link to gary@crosschart.com. We are a membership label with a dedicated focus on our artists. Check us out.

Video Production Deal

Our $1000 Winter Package includes recording studio, sound stage, and story line with full HD video production up to 5 UHD cameras and full recording studio production includes master..One original song only. Come to beautiful Central Georgia for your next Music Video Production. Go to www.nighttraintv.com or www.thestudioplex.com, to view our work.

Music Videos needed for Nighttrain TV

Are you looking for free promotion? Send us a link to your music video. We will evaluate it and if it meets our show criteria, we will send a broadcast release for your approval..no cost to you..free promotion to the world. Send to gary@nighttraintv.com.

Live Streaming Nighttrain TV

Join us 5pm, April 17 on www.nighttraintv.com for Episode 16 live streaming..Cassidy Diana Featured.

TV Series

Our schedule is filling up quick. If you haven't already opted for your free studio time and video shoot for a one song spot on our latest Television show, think about it..It's totally free exposure for your music, your group, and your style..all FREE..That's right....FREE..Once again..IT'S TOTALLY FREE PROMOTION FOR YOUR MUSIC. Reply here, sign up and like our page..or email gary@crosschart.com.

Lisa Watkins Meyer
Lisa Watkins Meyer  (almost 7 years ago)

Please contact with information about performing for the show.

Saint Nick

Call your favorite Country Station and request Saint Nick by Ray Shavers..he's #3 on Atlanta's Top Country Reverbnation Chart.

Ray Shavers

Have you called your local Radio Station and requested Saint Nick, by Ray Shavers yet? Call them today. They can look it up on Nielsen Soundscan...download it to their station and play it for you..Give 'em a call..it'll put a smile on your face....

Online Concert Series

After asking and asking artists to join our onlinc concert series, I give up..no one will commit to performing for us...so...I am selling the video gear and software I bought to do the project..You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink..

Avicix  (over 8 years ago)

I would do it

Live Concert Series

Join us online, beginning July 16th, with a special live in concert series, starting with Bobby Hall. Our Concerts will be hosted by Stageit.com. More information coming soon..so get ready for a real treat.

A new Start

As a Songwriter, have you ever wondered why your music isn't being recognized for it's actual worth? In many cases, it's simply due to lack of branding and marketing. At CrossChart Records, don't send your music to song shoppers..we license your music, send it to motion picture, advertising, and other indie labels. We're not trying to bust into the Nashville, LA, NY or any other major label market..we're simply getting your music exposed, so the major labels will come to you, instead of you trying to go to them..you must be successful before these people can become interested in you..that's what we do..so if you're still wondering why your music isn't being marketed..give us a call..we can help..a lot..