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Sonik Foundry Updates

Check out Nik's (Sonik Foundry) remix of 00tz 00tz's song entitled "Living Hell" due to release in July/August 2012 on their album 'Alter Eden' on Nilaihah Records... http://fb.me/1rBNWnKIr


Check out Sonik Foundry's remix of Assemblage 23's "The Noise Inside My Head [Sonik Foundry Rmx]" http://fb.me/19OsBhK26

GASR News!

Summer bummer: going back and updating our long-dormant website. Check it if you like flashbacks: http://www.gasr.net/?twtz GASR didn't break up, but the pace at which we work has slowed considerably given all the cool (and uncool) things that happen in adulthood.

If you want to know what we're up to these days, you should "like" us and “follow” us on Facebook and Twitter. We won’t be posting news here anymore unless it's big.

Have you heard Sonik Foundry's newest release 'Explosive'?

Sonik Foundry's newest release 'Explosive' is available via www.nilaihah.com and on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, COP, Isotank, Storming the Base, Infrarot, Popnaut and more. Get your copy now!

Azoic News!

We are confirmed for a VIDEO SHOOT! Professional videographer company, make-up artist and stylists confirmed. Now, hoping to secure the venue (which is an amazing modern space) for a decent price. Wish us luck! More news soon, but a *NEW* Azoic video IS going to happen and we are excited!

The Azoic (known for Conflict, Lost, Illuminate, Forward, Progression and more) Like us on facebook and look for more details soon! (Givaways forthcoming...)

Upcoming Level 2.0 shows!

03-13-10: LEVEL 2.0 @RIc Jamison's Mt.Sinai,NY 03-26-10: LEVEL 2.0 @Candlelite Cabaret; Amityville, NY with FGFC820 & Auxiliary Control