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In the Age of Terminal Static: THE SOFT CAGE - out now

OUT NOW on Hipster Death Records: In the Age of Terminal Static: THE SOFT CAGE maxi-single with remixes by Amphetamine Virus, Murder, Mikhail Bohonus, a cover by Joy Von Spain, and "build your own cage" remix kit.

Design: Ogo Eion CDr in jewel case $8 http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00N3RZST

New Releases on Hipster Death Records (Spring 2010)

STABBINGS - (7" vinyl) The Fall/No Passion

STABBINGS - (DVD) the film + 5 music videos

ERATOXIN - (CD) debut EP

100 PIECES - (CD) She Slicing She: A Fury Opera by Murder + Joy Von Spain with loopool

STABBINGS - (CD) Pith, Plath & Plunder EP (first recordings w/Anne Thorsteinson)

STABBINGS - (CD) self titled EP

VARIOUS ARTISTS - (CD) Dreadful Passage - Eight pieces reflecting ruin, woe, forlorn hope from Joy Von Spain & Patrick Urn, Black 13, Murder, Cathartech, Numb Erone

STABBINGS - (CD) Poke at it with a Stick EP

LOOPOOL - (CD) Arrogance Is Bliss last full length loopool record ever recorded

JOY VON SPAIN - (CD) Lady Lazarus 7-track re-issue + bonus "Entrance Of Durga (Empty Remains)

STABBINGS - (CD) Live At Death Rock Dive Bar - recorded at the Stork Club in Oakland, CA on the summer tour of 2009