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Looking for talented Artists, Producers, Engineers for new projects!!

We are definitely looking for more local and national talent. If you got that "it" factor weather you mix nice, you can write, sing, make beats, lead, if you can get it done or need it done GET AT US ASAP!!! WE GOT YOU!!!

The Launch has Begun!!**HOT NEW MUSIC***

We have kicked off the launch to a few of the hottest songs you will hear all summer!! Get on board with us as we make history in Fargo, ND. Right now i am just pushing emails pushing emails and hitting all our fans out there with the heat from the fantastic pool of talent from this area make history with us!!

Making History [Small Town Big Hits] #1

Globe, We are about a week and a half from releasing 3 singles from under the umbrella Innovator&Einstein which is the production team me[VA] and Tmac have put together. What is tough is getting the team involved/on same page and pumped for the release. Another key is going to be first getting it out there locally to the masses. We are doing a variety of things as well as some out of the box techniques, should be crazy but im concerned we gotta be the best locally to be the best anywhere else. Second is making sure that it says in ears and hot.Next we gotta parlay that song into many songs. A lot of times we think that we are one and done but work doesn't stop and wont stop.Also we are going over all our media outlets - revamping - cleaning and getting ready for traffic. In addition to the singes coming out. The artists that are on them will continue to get hotter and work under our camp for now. I have a head full of concepts and Tmac is always making music. This is the first major major release of music-great music - in this area. There have been videos. you tube. etc etc by artists and a lot of good stuff.but this is DIFFERENT. this release will reach the masses and i feel that NO OTHER band or group will or has made the marketing push nor as hot a set of songs as we have for this area. This biz is funny but we got hot artists, hot music, and hot producers. You got talent, need a banger written or made for your artist, need a concept? GET AT US!Shout out to everyone involved in this project WE SEE YOU! But for right now we are about a week away from making history so its grind times 3...YOU READY!?..STAY TUNED