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Sing for Your Meat: A tribute to Guided By Voices

Wow... record store day came and went with a bang! "Sing for Your Meat" sold out on vinyl in no time and the CD's a flying out the door too!! But don't worry, if you didn't yet get your copy... There will be more!! Since demand is so high we are doing a second pressing of vinyl and as of this Tuesday (4-19) you will also be able to get it in download form at your favorite digital site! Many thanks to all the music mags that put us in their top picks for Record Store Day! You guys rock and we appreciate your support more than you know!!

Thanks to: Rolling Stone Pitchfork Paste Spinner and all of the other awesome mags and blogs out there who shared the news with the world at large! :) We are both flattered and humbled by your kindness!

For details on when the second vinyl printing will be available keep an eye on www.nomorefakelabels.com and www.facebook.com/nomorefakelabels

Oh... and there is some big news coming pretty soon on our "B Side Heroes" project! (which is a series of split 7" records that will pair well known artists and indies who share some mutual musical respect! The first release in this series is expected in late Summer 2011.)