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Radio Jingle Out-Takes

We have been known to produce some Radio Advertisements and Jingles. Our latest selection were for an online station called Wyrelite Radio. It's usually a fun day and this was no exception. Have a listen to a selection of our out-takes at our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gateway-Music-Productions/309259723230

Blue Skies and a hint of Summer.

Andrea and Desmond have been adding to their singing skills by demonstrating their acting ability in the latest video compiled by John Chapman. A perfectionist by nature, he has been up all night trying to get the right feel and ambience from the screen to flow with the songs lyrics. From what we have seen, it looks great already, but we have to wait for the masters nod before we can upload it. Check Andrea and Desmond's profile soon for the latest update. We have been kicking our webmaster to get more information on our website and we are pleased to announce that we now have online music courses available to the world. Wow, that sounds good doesn't it? Learn from the world's most experienced music teachers online for a fraction of the cost at your own pace, when you want and not when they can book you in. Some exciting news, coming soon, we hope! Check back soon!

2010 - The First Quarter

Everything changes and with the announcment of the General Election in UK the news will be dominated by those sordid people telling their lies to the electorate before the Government changes. No more political comment we promise. But here in sunny Dartford, positive vibes are emanating every day to offset any political shenanigans and our team are buzzing (like busy bees). Andrea has more songs uploaded and is still working on even more which will be uploaded shortly. Andrea has been working with Desmond on some joint projects and their first video has also been uploaded. This is quite a battle with them both at #1 and #2 in their local chart, but nobody's ego is being crushed and they continue to work together very well. More original songs and videos to follow in the next three months and their Myspace music profiles will be going live in the next week. The Solar-Isis team with John and Richard have now been joined by Sandra to add an extra dimension to their instrumentals and work continues on their upcoming album. They have surged ahead to briefly hit local #1 on reverbnation for a day, dropping to #4 and are now climbing again and we hope to see them back at #1 in the next few days. Solar-Isis' Myspace profile has achieved #5 on the daily dance chart in the last week and they continue to hover around the top 30, much as they have done for the past month. So onwards and upwards. If you wish to collaborate with any of our artists or indeed join us to help your own marketing, then feel free to drop us a line if you are serious about your music. Here's to another exciting quarter as we enter the summer. Cheers!

The Gateway team

We have been here for a while, but nobody really knows who is behind the name of Gateway Music. So to give you an idea of who is who and how it all game about, lets start at the beginning. John Sandow and Gino Cinganelli have known each other for over twenty years, maybe more, in various jobs, various guises and at various times. Confused? Well, Gino has always had some music project to fill his time and has helped numerous musicians in the South East. He has helped with the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford as a Judge in their numerous 'Battle of the Bands' events. A guitar shop, called 'Dingo Jacks' in Lowfield Street followed and producing, recording and jam nights became a favourite haunt for many people. Gino didn't complain as such, but he mentioned to John that it would be nice to earn money and have fun with music one day. John has his music roots as a DJ in Germany and UK from the 80's, later moving into business finance, sales and marketing. Well, the industry is wide open, online bands have made it into the mainstream after all. So Gino's biggest music project, 'Gateway Music' was born, now we are learning to walk and trust our legs to take us to golden pastures. John Sandow - Founder, Songwriter, Producer, Manager, Website & Internet Marketing. Gino Cinganelli - Founder, Songwriter, Producer, Manager, Facebook Co-ordinator. Richard Baldwin - Songwriter. John Chapman - Video Director and Producer. Desmond Lewis - Solo Artist, Lead Singer and backing vocals. Andrea Moore - Solo Artist, Lead singer and backing vocals. Dingo Jacks - Recording Studios, Practice Rooms and Guitar Shop in Dartford.

R&B Artist Scrap

Andrea Moore has been closing in on Desmond Lewis in the local chart since last week and finally shot up to #3, leaving Desmond at #5. With Solar-Isis at #7 in the local Dance chart, we now have three artists in their respective local chart Top 10. Now the work really starts, for all of them.

New Artisit Signed

Gateway Music are pleased to announce the signing of new singer, Andrea Moore. We hope to be working with her in the recording studios to increase her music list over the next few months. Since signing, she has risen to number 38 on her local chart, which is a great beginning. Desmond Lewis has moved up to number 4, following lots of work behind the scenes and his new release has been delayed by two weeks. So look for that in mid March if everything runs to plan. 'Solar-Isis' have broken into the top 10 local chart and have released another two tracks. 'Tears of Summer' is on Reverbnation and 'Timewarp Wizard' is exclusively on their myspace profile. Work begins on their forthcoming debut album this week. Press Office, Gateway Music Productions

An exciting week!

GMP have had a mind blowing week; making final preparations for recording a new release from Desmond Lewis which will be called 'Home of a broken heart', we hope to have it finalised and ready for release by the end of the month. And seeing him safely inside the local RnB top 10 at Number 7. Well done Desmond! To put the icing on the cake, as it were, our newly signed Electronica/Dance group Solar-Isis were launched last monday and broke into the local top 100 from 553 inside two days! Lets hope the rest of 2010 can continue with similar momentum. Press Office Gateway Music Productions

A Fresh Beginning

We have been working with singers and musicians for a long time and have just started our venture into the Reverbnation community. Desmond Lewis is our leading male singer and we hope to release some original tracks for him in the near future. Press Office Gateway Music Productions