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The Discover Project

Dear Artist,

Welcome to Listening Edge Records! If you are a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, composer, producer, audio engineer, amateur or professional musician, who is passionate about your music and would like to inspire young musicians please take the time to complete the Listening Edge Records online interview. The interview can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes, and consists of 5-20 optional question sets, allowing each interview to be different and more relevant to the artists being interviewed and more interesting to potential fans.

Helping inspire students may even have additional benefits beyond inspiring young minds. The reality is “word of mouth” is very powerful, and if 40-50 students hear your music, and tell 10 of their friends about what they’ve heard in their lessons, that’s potential exposure to 500 fans. In addition my hope is that other music teachers and educators will use this website to help inspire, and expose their students to different music and artists beyond what many hear on the radio. While I don’t control “word of mouth” we know nothing makes you feel better than helping inspire others to pursue their passion for music.

Take The Interview: http://listeningedgerecords.com/the-discover-interview

Thank you for taking the time to inspire young musicians.


Trevor Baron President Listening Edge Records www.listeningedgerecords.com