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My New Blog - Management Tips For Artists

Over the years I’ve gotten many management requests from hopeful artists. As I clearly can’t manage all of them, I decided to start an informative blog from a manager’s point of view. Hope you find this useful!


Passion for music - my ramblings

I have a passion for music. I grew up in a very strict Christian household, full of love, but very much in a bubble. My father had a great collection of old 45's but keeping current wasn't exactly his thing. When I was 9 or 10 years old I discovered music. I found my dad's transistor radio, and the love affair began. I'd hide in my room and spend hours listening to Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Elton John, Karen Carpenter, Billy Joel and I would dream of life that was bigger than my own... The first time I heard Michael Jackson's Off The Wall was at a friend's house. One simple, unsupervised moment that changed my life. It was the first moment I had an impulse to dance, even if I had never seen or knew what that felt like. As I grew older, my taste for music also began to grow beyond just the love songs and broaden to include Hall & Oates, Styx, John Lennon and others. In high school my bother and his friends introduced me to Rush, Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons Project. With every new sound it was as if a new part of my soul was awakening. I was going to private boarding school at that time, and much to my despair radios were prohibited. It was bad enough that only two stations came in and one with quite a bit of static. Still I listened and ate up every note, even through the static. I got caught and fined 4 times, each time having my precious device removed... College became much more about discovering Madonna, Prince, Tina Turner then about Pre-Calc or Psych. All of a sudden it was about piercing my ears, going out dancing, going to the movies and living up to the music. My post college years had a bit of rebellion and hair bands became a temporary fav - bands like White Snake, Guns n Roses helped me step away from my parents and move out on my own. No matter where life brought me, I remember it through the music that shaped it. My relationships, my children, all my memories colored by the music I associate with them. When my son Andrew was diagnosed with autism it was opera, Sarah McLoughlin, Sting and Five For Fighting that got me through some of my most difficult moments. I would play them over and over to get me through, and ultimately hearing their soothing voices got him to sing, and then eventually speak. It was my own musical miracle. It wasn't until much later that I had access to other music that hadn't been available to me as a child. Arthea Franklin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Motown, Donny Hathaway, everything that others take for granted. When I finally had the chance to "catch up" it was as if my ears were on overload with joy and pleasure. I'm still catching up. There are still songs I haven't heard, and even though I've spent countless dollars buying records or downloads, there's more out there and I need it to feed the insatiable hunger I have for music. The moment I actually realized that I could "work" in the music business, my heart skipped a beat. To be around it all the time, to spend my "work" day working with musicians and making music was a dream come true! I think that's why I enjoy hearing great new artists so much. Its a discovery for me, a delight to my senses. And with each new artist that I work with, comes their whole musical tastes and influences. I learn from each one of them, and their musical journey becomes a part of my own.