Vintage Rocker tears it up in Dallas

Steven G. Knight Bassist knows the music scene with over 2 decades of gigging+recording with some professional bands. The current outfit hailing from the big state of Texas, Dallas area, Steven makes up 1/2 the rhythm section with drummer , for Junkyard Mars. We are glad to hear that BIG Arena Rock Sound is alive and well Kickin it here on MAX METAL!!

All Good things are from ITALY

ARTIST SUMMARY Genres: Metal / rockLabel: "MAX-METAL-RADIO" ARTIST BIO --ALL TRACKS ARE PROTECT BY CREATIVE COMMONS-- Windfall born in 2003 with the artistic union of Matteo Bresci at drums,Lorenzo Nardi at guitar and Marco Patracchini at bass.The original purpouse was playing a very ritmich melodic metal with some influences of sonata arctica, Stratovarius,Edguy and Helloween. Since the beginning we left aside covers and we started immediately to compose.In 4 years we have written many tracks and covers,but the absence of a voice that fits with the songs,started being a big problem,also considering our will to debut. Fortunately,in December 2007,Marco found out on the web an announce of a girl who was searching for a group,possibly a metal one:she was Francesca Tedeschi,and a test was enough to understand that she was the one we were looking for. By now,we started with one step ahead.reviewing all we had already done,trying to fit that with the new voice. After few months of organization we decided to look for the element we always wished: a keyboarder! We found out indirectly Tommaso Buzzegoli,and after some proofs we decided to baptize him as new element of Windfall. This is the “once upon a time”. Regarding the style,as we have already said,is certainly metal,but of wich style,we don’t even know it. We like epic line,but scratch and stopping guitars too,and obviously double pedal. Even our lyrics range from life experience to total escape in classic epic and power songs. We offer and exciting music,sometimes rude,sometimes soft,both for whom is used to this tipe of music,and both for whom will listen for the first time. We trust in it,and the main push arrive from our fans,who follow us during the gigs. Road will be so long and hard,but we really want to make it,and by now we have had positive feedbacks…

Born of Scars Queens, NY

ARTIST BIO Born of Scars performed at the Bamboozle Festival at Giants Stadium in May, Recently opened for Fuel, has currently finished recording with legendary producers Steve Haigler (The Pixies, Fuel) and Mike Watts of Vu Du Studios and released a video for "The Rain". Born of Scars is a female fronted, Modern Hard Rock band that brings together 4 of the finest musicians in the New York City area. The bands music was described by one industry insider as: “Aggressive, well written, soul chilling songs with a fresh approach to Modern Hard Rock that brings together all of its elements with skill and fluency. Its guaranteed no matter who you are, or what genre you prefer; you will enjoy Born of Scars!” "this band just writes solid tunes that are catchy. The 7 tunes I got on this disc were all good to great tunes. The production is solid and I think for the most part the band have their own sound. I could easily see this band getting signed to a label and selling some serious units. Good stuff and not many bands doing this style and glad to see this wasn’t some FM garbage modern rock band. " - Chris Forbes, Metalfocefanzine.com (Feb 27, 2011) Born of Scars is currently touring regionally to promote their latest release “Minor to Major”. Though early response to the CD has been very positive the band feels record company support could hurl the release to the top of the charts. Evidence of the CD’s early success is that “The Rain” has already been placed in the soon to be released film “Serina, A Vampire’s Tale.” Born of Scars has been thrilling audiences with their electrifyingly inspired performances filled with energy, passion, and amazing music. Work has already begun on the next CD and plans are being made for national touring. A true diamond in the rough; Born of Scars is not just a band, but a business organization that sees its product going global in the near future!

Metal Masters Core Device from Jersey

Core Device began making music in 98 & has continued to today with their forthcoming sophomore effort, "What I've Become" out now on Heaven and Hell Records. Core Device have played & toured with major acts like Arch Enemy, Type O, Symphony X, Nevermore, Morbid Angel, Over Kill as well as headlining tours in Japan,Canada,the US. Described as aggressive progressive, Core Device weave melody and power to give the listener an experience. Core Device would like to say to their fans, YOU KICK ASS and we love you More About "Core Device"

Core Device © 2009 Core Device (825346348025) Melodic heavy metal with technical guitars, pounding drums and a broad vocal palette, ranging from symphonic highs to guttural lows.

Influences include Metallica, Iced Earth, Nevermore and King Diamond to name a few.

Core Device can be found at these great online sites Voeveo - Get it for your mobile Apple iTunes Amazon.com Target Tower Records MusicIsHere Bitmunk Tradebit GreatIndieMusic PayPlay Nexhit

Here is what some have said about Core Device's 2006 debut CD, "Our Fellowship Eternal,"

"This is Core Device's debut CD, amazing not only for a first but at all. We can't wait till their newest cd is ready, it's coming soon." (JPD Power Brokers)

"Core Device has been around for awhile now, but Our Fellowship Eternal is their first full-length release. Judging by the packaging, which is quite good, this is obviously a self-released disc encapsulating the classic American style power metal fury of bands like Barlow-era Iced Earth, Nevermore and perhaps the first two Fates Warning albums with John Arch. Vocalist Daniel Dunphy's voice certainly shares common traits with that of the amazing Matt Barlow... Out of the eleven songs, it could be roughly described that about the first couple of tracks are more thrash-induced pieces, akin to classic 80's old school thrash...Iced Earth's trademark galloping riff style is heard aplenty on the more modern "Hell and Torment", while "Stranger" is another diverse cut with subtle keyboards, great twin guitar leads, and a deep contrast between thrash-laden and atmosphere-laced passages...Do yourself a favor, buy it."

Pritham "The METAL FARMER" D'Souza

ARTIST BIO The complete music page of Schizophrenic musician and metal farmer Pritham D'souza(plays without a guitar pick) with tracks from all his projects spread across all genres and sub genres of metal viz Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Progressive/Experimental Metal, Doom Metal, Electro acoustic, Grindcore and others MORE ABOUT METAL FARMER PRITHAM D'SOUZA The reclusive Metal Farmer who plays the guitar without a pick!!

Part Musician part farmer, total nutcase... this is putting it mildly.

Morbid Pitbull or Pritham dsouza, who everyone calls Pittu or P2, is a die hard metal head ever since he heard iron Maiden way back in 1985 at the tender age of 5

Picked up the guitar out of sheer frustration at life and surroundings when he was 10 years old and was heavily influenced by the classic rock/metal scene primarily by bands like Iron maiden, Judas Priest, Van halen, Metallica etc as he had access to only mainstream metal bands.

Played his first show with "the Outlaws" in 1996 and in 1999 formed "Phallusy" with like minded musicians in Bangalore and recorded 3 tracks on a pro-cdr release with fellow musicians and friends KRYPTOS, THREINODY AND MYNDSNARE on a compilation titled "HeadBangalore" which is now rare.

As a solo artist he recorded and released his first e.p. ‘The Farmer’ (2000) which had 11 tracks of blistering NWOBHM-influenced heavy metal. Was offered a record deal and a chance to record the same e.p. with vocals and live drums by Gamalzagoth, vocalist of the cult German black metal band Moonblood

Currently inspired by extreme bands like Carcass, Sepultura, Slayer, Emperor, Testament, Napalm Death and hordes of other genres like Death, Goregrind, Progressive, Bizarre, Thrash, Industrial, Gothic and the rest. A special thanks to all the guitar buddies i came across who have inspired me and continue to inspire me to play the guitar... in random order....Nithin Allwyn 'Tintin' Herbert, Gordon Fernandes, Melbert Sequeira, Fr. Veerus Concessio, Nelson D'Souza, Jeethan D'Souza, Avinash Menon, Cletus Tauro, Vikram Hazra, Lester Goveas, Kp (Myndsnare), Nathaniel Phillip, Ajit Narayan, Subodh Shetty, Joel, Solly and Sherman (Verdict), Shrini (Dravids), Vamsee, Bevin D'Silva and others... if i have forgotten u am sorry.... Pritham Denzil D'Souza - Who Needs a Guitar Pick Anyways I have been a serious metal head ever since i heard Iron Maiden way back in 1985 when i was just 5 years old. Learnt to play the guitar without going to school or any professional help and totally self taught (hence sucks) Have played/jammed with several bands from the Bangalore and Mangalore metal scene and friends with OUTLAWS, PHALLUSY, EPITAPH, ADRENALINE, ARCANE RITUAL, MYNDSNARE, DEMONIC RESURRECTION, RAT KING, KRYPTOS, PARACHUTE XVI, DYING EMBRACE, CONFLICTING THEORIES, GRUESOME MALADY, SANDESH SHENOY, SARVESH PANGAL, CORPSE KIRAN, THISKO, SURAJ R, TOTO (r.i.p.), RANJEEV KURIVILLA, KARTHIK 'power metal' KUMAR and tons others

PHASE REVERSE Athens, Greece

PHASE REVERSE It’s a winter’s afternoon October 2007. The three of them meet at John’s recording studio, and they decide to join their forces. It was clear from the very beginning that there was chemistry between them, and everything seemed to be very promising. John was the part of the puzzle that was missing all these years… His unique style, sound, and “fresh” approach, got the best out of Alex and Tas. After lots of live performances and a year later they hit the studio and record 11 songs that signal the birth of “PHASE REVERSE”... A power trio … the flesh and bones of a rock band…their songs… the music and the lyrics … energy and passion, dynamic phonetic interpretations, explosive riffs, grooves that make you drift, sometimes heavily and other times with aggressive disposal, songs that exchange moods both rhythmically and musically creating a musical canvas in which the lyrics add and complete the landscape with pictures, that sometimes are social (globalization, ecology, war, etc), about life and death, and other times considering the aspects of personal relationships of persons with a different point of view about love and behavior. Blues, Rock' N' Roll, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal all sonically mix while the American Southern Rock is set as a background… all processed in a “PHASE REVERSE” mode resulting in the particular and simultaneously modern sound of the band. One thing is for sure, that we are dealing with three genuine rockers that their songs simply and genuinely declare their presence in their own unique way with a voice all their own at a time that is characterized by labels… in their own words: “…our music is just ROCK…”

EDGE of PARADISE, hot rockin california progressive metal in ya face!!!

Edge Of Paradise began January 1st 2011 when singer/songwriter/pianist Margarita Monet and guitarist/Songwriter Dave Bates joined forces to form symphonic hard rock band, signified with virtuosic musical skill. The sound is a melodic fusion of heavy guitars, exhilarating keyboards and impeccably grooving rhythms. Edge Of Paradise is about living on the edge, the life that's being portrayed as paradise is really an unstable existence that can tip you off the edge and out of existence. Considering that the band is very young, some of the original songs have longer history. Dave Bates was the co founder with Robin McCauley (MSG, Survivor) of the former band "Bleed". After releasing a CD the band headlined around LA, but due to Robin’s demanding schedule “Bleed’s” ability to tour was limited which led the band to its current line up. Margarita Monet singer/songwriter/pianist/, Dave Bates-guitarist/songwriter, Kevin Katich-drums/back vocals, Steven Cook-bass/back vocals. The Evolution of the songs led to the band's sharp, modern sound. Some of the acclaimed musicians that the band records with include drummer, Gregg Bissonnette and bass player; Tony Franklin. Edge Of Paradise has expanded its repertoire of original songs and is concentrating on touring and releasing the best possible songs. The Edge of Paradise can be identified in the Rock, Progressive Rock and Metal categories, their music has influences of Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Pop Rock and Symphonic Metal. The band may be compared to artists like Muse, Led Zeppelin,Black Sabbath, Evanescence, 30 Seconds To Mars, Metallica, U2, Symphony X and classical influences of legendary composers.

FANTASTIC female fronted FREQUIS will rock your world!

Bio Frequis is a five piece rock band from Phoenix, AZ. Their dark and sludgy sounds are reminiscent of grunge, metal and progressive rock, but the distinctive Frequis sound comes to life through the use of noise, a powerful voice, a relentlessly driving rhythm section, dynamic guitar solos, and high octane live performances.

Frequis has influences ranging from 90's grunge such as Alice and Chains, Soundgarden and Nirvana to more progressive bands such as Dream Theater and Pink Floyd.

Mile high metal with the Magnificent Melati from Denver Co

SERIS. With every wave of sound they resonate, there exists an unspoken promise to defy the conventional standards of today’s music while creating an emotional cadence sure to linger long after the rhythms have stopped. Enthralled by the notion of discounting the status-quo, Seris vows to create a sound which breaks from the monotony of the overheard, underwhelming songs of the moment, and instead embraces the endless horizon of the unexplored. Seris has established these infinite possibilities to be their playground.

Taking elements of dark and artistic progressive rock and adding a very deliberate odd-time metal feel serves as their musical foundation. Fusing this progressive edge with a powerful and haunting female voice distinctly separates this unique ensemble from the rest. The result of this combination is a modern style of metal whose musicality and technicality blend seamlessly into a focused and emotionally-provocative sound not yet heard on any terrestrial radio station.

Very evident on their 3 song self-titled demo, Seris takes a departure from the standard metal approach in a dynamic and exceptional way. Starting off with the powerful and edgy, though quite accessible hit “Residence,” Seris’ commanding and beautiful vocals are supported by a dark and driving melodic form. Followed by the energetic and odd-timed makings of “And Fury”, the demo keeps any curious listener nothing less than absorbed in the pure musical wonderment. “Tamasisk”, the staccato-minded concluding track on the disk, demonstrates the band’s technical poly-metric prowess while exploiting their capacity to always respect musicality.

Seris’ exodus from the conventions of rock and metal has split the tides in an ocean of music that all sounds too familiar. Their conviction and fortitude only cements their journey along the path laid out before them. With an affirmation to defy the status quo, the potentials of this band are truly immeasurable.

New album release, YOU GOTTA HEAR these Jersey boys throw-it-down!

WWW.COREDEVICE.COM Core Device began making music in 98 & has continued to today with their forthcoming sophomore effort, "What I've Become," slated for worldwide release in 2011 through Heaven and Hell Records. Core Device have played & toured with major acts like Arch Enemy, Type O, Symphony X, Nevermore, Morbid Angel, Over Kill as well as headlining tours in Japan,Canada,the US. Described as aggressive progressive, Core Device weave melody and power to give the listener an experience. We thank you for your interest, we love making music for the world.