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For the love of music

“Blondy Music Promotions came about, for the love of music, and the desire to help indie and unsigned artists make it in the music industry. I appreciate all genres of music, especially rock and reggae. To say music is a passion of mine, is an understatement. As far back as I can remember, I have been listening to music. It has helped me, healed me, inspired me, and influenced me. Life without music, would be no life. Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix are my two biggest idols. They both contributed so much to the music world, so much to the world itself. With their missions of love and peace. Both hoping for a better world and united world. Bob has given me so much with his music and messages. He is so much a part of me now. Bob is the reason why I started listening to reggae, and why I took the time to learn about the Rastafarian culture and ideology. I understand it and respect it. I am a roots girl at heart. After I discovered Bob, I listened to roots reggae legends, such as: Culture, Alpha Blondy, Burning Spear, Lucky Dube, Black Uhuru, Peter Tosh, Third World and Israel Vibration. When I started Myspace, I encountered so many talented, conscious reggae artists. I was frustrated, seeing these artists not being heard or discovered. I felt I needed to help the artists and the reggae industry itself. This is how Empress Blondy Promotions came about. I was determined to help the reggae artists and the reggae industry itself, in a positive and honest way. I am also a rocker. I love classic rock, classic metal, heavy metal, progressive and the list goes on. Rock gives me energy and makes me feel alive, it motivates me. I love to rock out, at concerts and live band shows. All of my worries seem to disappear, especially when I hear a great guitar riff. I am a guitar freak. I love the rock guitar, folk guitar, classical guitar,and flamenco guitar. Many of my rock heroes are guitar legends. Jimi of course, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Angus Young, Randy Bachman and many more. Give me a rocking band, with a potential guitar hero in the making, and I am in music heaven. I also discovered, like the reggae artists and bands, that indie and unsigned rock bands and artists needed help too. So many, awesome rocking bands, who need to be heard. Especially when there are so many, vying for those big contract deals. Honest, hard working bands and artists, who deserve to be rewarded. So, in summary, Blondy Music Promotions is here to do whatever it takes to help a band or artist make it. In a positive, honest and professional way. Social networking is a wonderful tool for an upcoming band or artist, even for the artists who have made it. So many people out there on the sites, so many music fans. Music fans like me, who are thrilled to come across great, new music. Peace, one love and rock on!!! “ Empress Blondy/Blondy