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hello 2014 WOW what a great start already. Stay posted!!


***BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*** Born in L.A. and raised in San Diego and Riverside, California, Miss Malika began to write lyrics at the age of 14. While attending the 1988 MTV Grammy Awards Party, she was introduced to Rhyme Syndicate artist Donald D to Ice-t Blacksilver and Cypress Hills DJ Muggs. Malika began to perform at Ice T's night club, Water The Bush. She also appeared in 2 Ice T videos, You Played Yourself and Leathal Weapon. In 1989 she was introduces to La Posse member, Darryl Pierce and flew to New York to join an all female group, G-Spot which included Lady of Rage (Dog Pound) and Nikki D (Def Jam Records). After opening for Coolio in 1994 he signed her to Crowbar Management. Malika then appeared on the multi-million selling "Gangsta Paradise" album as both a writer and a performer. She did several songs with Mobstyle Records and toured with NEW BREED OF HUSTLAS (RIP G BUBS), Coolio, and The 40 Thieves in 1995. Malika also appeared on the "Deadly Venoms" album on a Rza produced track in 1998 and on Sir Mix Alot, "Return of The Bumpasaurus" in 1996. After running accross Baldy, the meeting resulted in an album produced by Baldy and Mr.Cas L. Miss Malika's management with Gunna Black of 13 WEST and Gunna Management. The album"Westside Stories...a Tribute to the westcoast lifestyle"was released on april 15th, 2011,on ISLAND DEF JAM DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION.

I am so very proud of Miss Malika's over 20 years truly in this game and would like to announce she is ready to take the next step. Miss Malika is officially retiring from the mic, but will ALWAYS be a TRUE MC with a multi-platinum career. It has been my ultimate pleasure to manage such an artist. Now Miss Malika's focus will be mentoring with the artists at The N.E.T. Entertainment group. 100% woman owned and operated.

There will be a celebration of Miss Malika's career this summer, 2012 in Palm Springs, California. So stay tuned...You haven't heard the last from Miss Malika yet.... trust me! And from me to you girl... CONGRATS! AND I LOVE YA!



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