Maximizing Your SocMedia

"Understanding the importance of social media in this day and age is not enough to take you to the next level. It’s very much about testing, seeing what works out for you when you use the platform and how you use it.

Here are 8 tips to help you maximize your efforts with social media marketing, which will guarantee you positive results if you implement them properly and consistently.

5 Ways to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Band's Reach

1- Go live: Frequently going live on Instagram/Facebook means being active enough to make sure you increase engagement with your social media following.

2 - Develop a content marketing strategy: Work on a content marketing strategy and include all the social media platforms you use. You’ll get more likes and followers by mixing up your content and making it more engaging.

Prepare a list of content you'd like to post and make sure to market it properly.

3 - Find your influence: We all have our favorite music artists we follow on social media, who's your favorite? Use those artists' social pages as a guide for you to build your own, but remember... DON'T COPY. Instead, take the elements that help the artists' share their social appearance (such as their bio, type of content they upload, what they comment on, etc) and use it to build your own elements.

4 - Maintain your persona: Maintaining an artistic persona on social media is something many artists fail to do. It's easy for people to pass judgment and criticize you. As an artist, you're going to deal with many haters in your career, yet you don't want to fall into that trap and respond to hateful comments. Remember your principles as well as the traits that shape your persona, and let them guide you in every situation.

5 - Principles of Playing an Excellent Show

5- Track your data: It may seem like an unimportant, boring task, but putting aside time to track your data actually helps you reveal a lot about your audience. Viewing your analytics lets you evaluate your current performance results and helps with creating a new, updated content marketing strategy to grow your audience even more.

Find Your Fans: Using Data to Analyze Your Audience

Make Your Hustle

So many bands...are like college students who first graduate and enter the work world. So many actually EXPECT to walk out of graduation and land a $75,000/yr job?...w a car?...an expense acct etc?...with little to no experience at all...more often than not?...you may have to do some "time" working a grunt job?...waiting tables, bartending...McDonalds?...but many will sit and do nothing because they envision themselves in that particular job environment?...I see bands do the same...I see bands do the same thing?...refusing shows?...waiting for the HUGE guarantee or nationally sponsored radio gig?...and they can't/won't draw 10 people to a show, promote their brand or product etc...You CAN literally be the best in the world?...and if no one knows?...or cares?...what good is it?...Bands you have to be patient, get out and work/hustle to make your name and gather experience...Do those things and IF you have a marketable product (be honest...first w yourself)...then other things should fall into place...radio, larger shows, better offers etc.

Band business 101

We believe in bands getting paid!! Want to be worth more than $50? *Know your worth - don't get greedy! Have a realistic evaluation and understanding of how your band draws and the market you are playing in. *Earn your keep - Always give work hard to bring people to your shows and keep your fans well informed. *Search out new fans - always be on the look out for new fans! Have tickets to sell?? Don't sell them to people who are going to come even if you play in a blizzard... Sell or give them to people you don't know or who have never seen you. *Promote, promote, promote - sitting around doing nothing while other people, promoters, your family members sing your praises will never reach your fans or potential fans like the band members can. You are who the fans need to connect with. *Put your money to work for you - Instead of wasting it at the bar or splurging at Waffle House make a plan. *You will only get what you give - Do not expect anyone to make your band their number one priority if YOU don't make it your number one priority! *Manage your time - Know the difference between what you can and what you should do. Utilize people with experience and contacts - They are out there and they are there to help you. Yes, you can spend all day tracking down venues and begging them for shows. Or... you can invest in your band find a reputable booking agent who can do the dirty work for you while you focus on your music and fans. Speaking of... *Its all about who you know - getting connected with the right people will help you in ways you can't imagine. It's not always about how high up the chain they might be, or how deep their pool is... Sometimes it could be as simple as finding someone who truly believes in you and is as dedicated to your band as you are. Which brings me too... *NEVER BURN BRIDGES - Know who you can trust and who you can't, no matter what always remain professional. Just because someone may look like a small fish in a big pond... Months or Years later when you need something... they might be that big fish in the sea that is standing between you and where you want to be. Bottom line_________ - Everyone starts somewhere and some will have to start over more than others. No matter if you have been playing in bands since you were in diapers, Treat every project as a new project!Start fresh! work your way up!(Maybe for the 10th time) Applying good basic business practices will get you living the dream before you know it! NEED HELP???? CONTACT US!!!

Where Did The Summer Go?

WHERE DID SUMMER GO!?!? We hope all of you had a fantastic summer!! With so many summer concert series, festivals and events the summer flew by!! However, music is still in the air and everywhere!! Just because the hot summer days are drawing to a close, there are still plenty of fantastic tours coming your way! Make sure you find time to catch a great show, swing by a place with live entertainment, sit and listen awhile... SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE!!! Found some really great music on the fly or went to an awesome show?? Post your pics and videos to our Facebook page - A share can go a long way!


Street teams are a powerful force for independent artists - they’re a win-win all around. You get to engage your fans, give them a chance to get closer to you and “in on the fun”, and you get to spread the word about your band, merchandise and shows. These days, the work street teams do is divided between two camps: online and offline marketing. The distinction is simple enough, with online affecting your digital presence on social networks, message boards, and calendar sites, and offline efforts generating awareness for you via printed marketing materials in the physical world. Online The proliferation of social networks have made online marketing a breeze. Since Facebook is usually the first place promoters have their street teams get the word out about their events, we’ll start there before winding through online concert calendars, message boards, and then on to other offline marketing techniques. Facebook Facebook doesn’t need much introduction or explanation. It’s the Book, you already know how to work it. Just to be sure though, here’s a couple bullet point ideas for how to promote a concert on Facebook: - Create Facebook events and have your team “invite all”...I have found this to be VERY effective!!! Have team members share recent press or Soundcloud/YouTube links for artists upcoming in the calendar Share the event fliers on Facebook and tag your team member Ask your team members to change their profile pictures or cover photos to the event flier (more intrusive, so don’t push them if they don’t want too.) Other effective sites are Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Wordpress (great for press releases), various music related message boards, chat rooms and websites. Physical promotion Distribute posters, handbills, bumper stickers, business cards about your band in general...where you're from, where you are and where you're going not once, not twice but as many times as it takes to make people aware of you art!!! You want people to understand the fact that you are an “active” project. The key to street teaming as in ANY promotional campaign is the continuity of it all. Continuous promotion. Marketing 101...the BIGGER the name the LESS promotion you have to do.

Social Media: The Agent, The Promoter and The Independent Artist

Not ever, not once, not in a million years, would I have thought back when I was young that I would spend countless amounts of hours on an unhealthy daily basis on something, that would eventually come to be known as “the internet” doing something that would be called “social networking”. I would like to go on record and state that, with every fiber of my being, I have vehemently come to almost HATE social networking. I hate it. I hate Myspace, Tumblr and Pinterest And HEAVEN help your immortal soul if you THINK about asking me to FOLLOW you on Instagram? I have come to except FACEBOOK, TWITTER, REVERBNATION and YOUTUBE as “necessary evils”. As an agent and promoter I use SM (social media) to find, listen to and gather stats on various acts. Unfortunately for HARD working musicians everywhere, the fantasy of being discovered over night came and went with parachute pants. Now Social Media has,in reality, become an effective tool (NOT the ONLY, tool...you tool!!) you have in your arsenal for pushing forward as an independent artist. I could probably ramble for hours on end about ways I use social media, but I’ll try to keep this short … because I NEED TO GET BACK ON FACEBOOK and TWITTER STAT!!! - Next time!!!!

Misty Kelly
Misty Kelly  (about 6 years ago)

I completely agree with you. I traditionally will check a band out on SM and then do further research as well as try to see them play live prior to booking. Many bands sound entirely different when they are live than what they are in studio recordings. I like the raw footage and the live experience over the mp3 only ....any day!!

MODERN ROCK MUSIC GROUP  (about 6 years ago)

YES!!!!...Misty while social numbers don't tell us
everything they DO say alot about the band's prescence on the internet. So we work to improve SM numbers

5 Mistakes Bands Make When Booking

Six Mistakes Bands Make When Booking Shows So, you’ve got some shows lined up – Congratulations! You’re soon going to be superstars and throwing TV’s out of hotel windows like the Stones! Or are you? Here are some rookie mistakes that bands often make – even when they think they’ve already got it made. 1) Overplaying the market. This is a big one. Local bands should space shows in the same area at least two weeks apart (and probably more like a month). Even if you feel like you have a reliable fan base, or get an opportunity to play a bunch of rad shows back-to-back, realistically you don’t have time to properly promote more than one show at a time. Playing too much can backfire and wear out your crowd. Also, most venues have radius clauses to which you must adhere. Don’t burn bridges and respect each venue’s’ policies. 2) Playing too many of the same kind of shows Make sure to switch up the type of shows you’re playing – free vs. paid, headlining vs. support, north side of town vs. south, and the style of venue. You don’t want to pigeonhole yourself as a band that only plays at one location or has a reputation for playing too many free shows. It’s simple – if you always play the 9 p.m. slot of free residency nights at the same club, that’s where you’re going to stay. It’s important to always be thinking of how to build up to bigger shows at bigger venues. 3) Forget to announce your show Do you want to be playing for just the sound guy and a pack of stray dogs? Failing to inform your fanbase is not only a recipe for a bad show, it’s the easiest way to never play the venue again. What you need to do is update your website every time you book a show and every time you get more info about it. 4) Only relying on social media Social media is an excellent way to promote. But it’s not enough! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are essential ways of getting the word out. But trust us, it doesn’t beat the old fashioned approach of calling and texting all your friends and putting flyers up in your local coffee shop and record store. You know all those invites to random events that you ignore on FB? Yeah, that’s how people will see your band until you give them a reason otherwise. 5) Depending on the other bands to promote and draw If you’re a supporting act, you have to support. It doesn’t mean you can sit back, relax and start knocking back Tecates while you wait for the show date and assume the headliner will draw a crowd. You got asked to play because the venue believes you’ll try your best at promoting. Prove them right. 6) Acting like a diva It sounds ridiculous, but we see local bands acting like Mariah Carey on a mimosa bender all the damn time. From showing up late for a set, refusing to go on at their predetermined agreed upon time, or not being ready for soundcheck, some bands can be playing a 200-capacity club and act like the brown M&M haters Van Halen playing the Madison Square Garden circa 1984. Trust us, we remember when you act like knuckleheads. The way you behave as people reflects on your band, and will set a precedent. Have regular band meetings to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding load in times, set times, proper etiquette at shows. The best thing you can do is to stay organized – and don’t get so wasted that you forget your gear onstage.

A Letter From The Desk Of Your Booking Agent

My Dearest Band, Working with you has always been the pinnacle joy of my life! Every moment has felt as though you are Gods gift to this vast waste land of terrible music on this planet we call earth. I could never imagine ever stepping a foot away from my computer or phone to involve myself in the activities of the other humans. The fear that I just might miss out on an opportunity to make you the, "Rock God of the Universe" would completely slay me! I totally understand in all your rockstar activities you cannot possibly be bothered with the trivial necessities of your career. Wow, yesterday I was in complete awe when you so courageously braved the masses and brainwashed the crowd with your epic ballads at your cousin Bart's Bar Mitzvah in Uncle Johnny's backyard. With that being your first performance, I fully believe you are worth $2,000 a night on a week night! How about next Wednesday? I'll call Dallas, I'm sure they have nothing better coming through. People really love how you caress beautiful Prince covers from your ukulele! Please remember, this Sunday we have Christian's first communion. I think your Madonna cover of 'like a virgin' would be perfect for the family get together that will follow in the banquet hall. They have requested that you go ahead and plan for an encore. They failed to provide me with a specific request, but I think her great grand mother is Russian.... Maybe you should pick something by Pussy Riot? I hear they got huge press over there recently! My neighbor plays the piccolo... I'll see if they are available to back you guys up. Oh! Since I mentioned planning a trip through Dallas, I think we should go ahead and start planning a tour. Don't worry if you haven't cut a demo yet and your drummer just had twins - You'll be great! I'll book it for free and I'm sure there will a lot of bars to binge drink at, so I'll go ahead and get with your manager to make sure you have a huge tour bus so you can pick up all those bar mavens. I'm sure your manager/girlfriend will have no problem fronting you all the money. While I'm booking this tour, feel free to take as long as you want on getting back to me on the dates. I have no problem booking, and rebooking. It's just my time, money, and contacts. We all have plenty, right? I think that's it for now, While I am busy selflessly slaving away answering your calls and planning your life. Feel free to call and message me as many times in a day as you can with every show idea and band you came across on myspace. So what if they haven't updated their social media since 2009?? I'm sure they are well on their way to selling out arenas. Oh and to motivate me... PLEASE make threats of how you will just book your own shows because of that one time, with your old band, you successfully did it on your own. I was really struggling with how hard it was to get a headlining spot at the McDonalds Play Place. Not to mention they paid you in cheeseburgers! I could have never done that even if I had known that was what you had always dreamed of. You did such a great job, I want to be you when I grow up! You were so right, I need to try harder. Sincerely yours for every moment of the rest of my life, Your booking agent PS - DREAM ON ROCKSTAR. EVERY AGENT has felt this way at least once!!!...lol

Marketing 101...PROMOTION!!!

HELLO!!!...It's been a bit since the last post!!! Today we're addressing promotion!!!...Bands/artists trying to get your name out?...Definitely utilize your internet tools...Social Media (FACEBOOK, REVERBNATION, TWITTER, WORD PRESS etc)....Set your music/video links up, press links, event invites etc...Anything that will get your name and art out to your targeted audience. THEN (and THIS is where most bands fail...) there is your physical promotion...You HAVE to effectively make your presence known in a PHYSICAL since....You need to make flyers, handbills, posters...business cards? etc...not ONLY for events but perhaps simply for your band as well. All the online online promotion in the world cannot beat some good ole' "face time" w your demographic market...like politicians...you have to get out and "shake some hands and kiss some babies"...Can't tell you how many times I have been out at a rock show or hangin at a venue and someone comes up to me..."Yo, Ant...I have this new project...you gotta book us!!!"...and they have NO handbills, cards...not even a sample of their music?...My first impression is that they prob don't have a website, no recorded music, have they played anywhere?...and I'm witnessing first hand their promotional skills (or lack there of?) Remember...you don't have to be playing out to promote...you can continuosly promote your band, official website, SM site(s), vblogs etc whenever/wherever you are out connecting with people...and if you do it correctly you will find your online promotion becomes easier and more effective. Until next time, Anthony

Effective mareting and promotion!!!

Effective promotion is the key to an independent or unsigned band's success simple as that!! Three key areas can really boost your band's presence in any market. 1. Viral - all bands jump on this because its free!!! Carefully and strategically utilize your SM sites (REVERBNATION, FB, Twitter, Youtube etc) THEN if your budget can sustain it?...try taking advantage of some of the premium features offered? Promotional ads can be quite successful! Finally track your numbers. Check for new fans, who's actually interacting w you, views on yours sites, monitor comments etc. 2. Internet Radio - what once was a joke is the support of the indie / underground Artist. Getting your music to internet radio is still your music to fans. if an internet radio program has only say 5000 listeners and was play your music? that is still 5000 people who now who you are, may visit your website, purchase merch etc...Now do the math...if 5000 spent only $10 w you?...well you get it. 3. Fans - You are NOTHING w/o fans...they are your lifeblood!!! Respect them, chat w them, hang w them at shows if possible, take pics etc...they will in turn remember that and you. They will tell others about you, re-Tweet and Fav your Tweets, watch your videos...and be at your next show w more people!! I've seen this many times!!! I have seen these tactics work for bands that in my opinion were not NEARLY as talented as their fans thought they were. However, they effective used their promotion and showed dedication to their fans! Thats it for me!! C-ya at the next show!! Anthony