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listen to culte instrumental.

just another track named culte wich is on the new album "space and time" by deepot vatta but we put on deepot's profile with just the beat i hope you gona like it!!

new album!!

mother freaker throws a truly classic album made by an artist with bags of personality and funky glitchy soundscapes.mother freaker presents this underground CD and some of the sharpest new record label and producers.meticulously recorded using analog sinthz and ableton live this beats are keeping the under taste and crispy home studio recording as the label used to experiment with sounds you know!!

MC robb's new song under cook

this new track it's gone be diferent,mc rob goes fresh on this beat and we work on the most we can to get to it.

genio's new video

proyecto SC it's for the people who 's under sun every week to get them dreams up so we want to explain what people normally do or think about it,we try to sing what it's real and genio does it again.mother freaker records it's glad to been on the full production,we hope you like.