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Through promoting Jannecke and helping her with her music career I have been able to develop and establish a great working relationship with her Nashville promoter Jeff Huskins. We have a great working relationship when it comes to scouting talent and providing him with great talent to produce as well as giving artists the best opportunity to succeed in this crazy business. I have been able to help several artists to this point and hope to continue to provide talented artists an opportunity to record their tracks. As we all know, it's all about the song, to steal a phrase. But, we also know that with just a song you need support in getting that song heard by your existing and potential fans. In order to do that you have to be able to get radio play. In order to do that you need professional production. There are literally thousands of producers that claim to be able to provide what you need. Sadly, that isn't true in a lot of cases. I started scouting talent for Jeff because I truly believe in what he can provide an emerging artist as far as knowledge, expertise, access to major song catalogs from Sony publishing, access to the best studios in Nashville, access to the top musicians in the industry, and the connections to the major labels as well as big indie labels to be able to effectively pitch the artists directly to the label execs. There are not too many producers, with Jeff's industry credibility, that can provide all that.