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In the Entertainer's Corner

We here at Marquis Media Promotions are by far the best choice of promoter for any quality musician, or entertainer who isn't fixed into any contracts or agreements with any other promoters or booking agencies.

Why? Because at Marquis Media Promotions we promote you as an entertainer across our various entertainment resources, getting your name out, getting you the exposure that it takes to obtain more fans, and create more of a "buzz" about you and what you're doing.

Our fees are very affordable at $250 per month, and worthy for the work and dedication we put into promoting our clients. We don't ask for any contracts to be signed, we don't put restrictions on what you do or who you deal with outside of our circle or anything. It's just that simple!

Upon obtaining a job, contract, or agreement between you the entertainer, and a 3rd party such as a club, record label, modeling agency, design agency, motion picture company or any other money making opportunities, that is when our fees are applied outside of the monthly fee, at a rate of 15% per job. We work on the old fashioned agreement of mutual trust so there's never any problems for an entertainer to continue working with other promoters, and/or booking agencies.

Why would any quality entertainer pass up a chance to have a dedicated commitment by a promoter who goes above and beyond? Well hot diggity dog, we have no idea!!

Article  (about 4 years ago)

im interesting in being promoted through you guys