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The Resignators arrived deep on fire in the hottest place on earth for some last rehearsals before the recording of new ace sounds and to start the first homerun in 2013, preparing to get overseas for month this summer!!!!

Keyser Soze goes Europe!!!

Yeaouhhh - good things come to those who wait. It s confirmed now! KEYSER SOZE will come over for their first tour of europe from 16.05 through 15.06.2013. And that s not enough. Before we have them over here on our stages for some extraordinary shows from reggae to ska to jazz and soul, their new album will be released. And i don t say to much if i promise you a killersound from this band between Hepcat and The Aggrolites!!! Bujakka - Nevada is coming! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry-jIrp3pns&feature=youtu.be