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About Relieved rec

Hello dear friends. We recently received various mails which were consist of a really significant question. What is relieved rec; Relieved's rec main concept is the free open promotion of great undiscovered music, musicians, we can not afford the role of distributor with the meaning that we will cut cd's or vinyls, we do not distribute we just promote, relieved rec is a free promoting music label - reverbnation site. Thank you very much for your precious time. Cheers mates,

Our apologies

Hello there dear friends, we would like to apologize for not being active for so long, we have been buzy and sucked from the everyday life, our apologies, we will try to check your music and answer to your mails as soon as possible, thank you very much for your understanding and your support,cheers. Thank you very much for your support it means a lot.


Thinking about making a collection and It will be available for free downloading via pure volume; we are waiting for your opinion

You Tube

We were thinking how to promote your music and that was the reason of the construction of a YouTube channel but considering that most of you have already one we suffix that it isn’t necessary for the group.

A big thanks

Hello to everyone,we would like to say a big thanks to all of you guys,bands,musicians ,for supporting this act ,it mean's a lot and it's much appreciated. George