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This past week has been extremely educational for me. I've learned valuable lessons in my personal and professional lives. In any relationship, disagreements and misunderstandings will occur. We all make decisions that others may not agree or understand, but resolving the differences between the "involved" parties should be goal. The "smallest" interference of outside parties can do GREAT damage to that relationship. So be mindful of others' intentions and actions.

The "I" (Eye)!

In the still of the night, with only a whisper of noise; I sit and think. Thoughts of old and hopes of new encompasses me like a ray of light..illuminating my essence to its ultimate glow! Visions of yesterday, glimpses of today and promises of the future encapsulates my existence. Hmm..but what shall I do? How shall I be? In a world, no longer defined or derived by morals, values, respect and love. Reduced to a barge of hatred, lust, and abandonment. With these thoughts permeating my soul..one stands alone! "I"! The "I" in existence, the "I" in reality..the reality of my existence is "I"! Hmm..hopefully someone will know the meaning!

The Meaning of 2013!

Out with the old, In with the new! As we embark upon this new year, many people will set goals and dreams to achieve and/or fulfill. Long "bucket lists" will be drafted with the hopes to live a rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying life. In a perfect world, every dream would be fulfilled and every goal would be accomplished as smoothly as they were written. However this is not a perfect world, life will bring many twists, turns, ups and downs. Nonetheless it is how we react and respond to those changes that will greatly influence our results. So today, my thoughts are on the meaning of 2013!! If you add the numbers, they equal to the number 6! This is one of the most productive numbers in the numerical system. It represents balance, harmony, the universe and symbolizes luck, love and health. In nearly every major religious system, it represents some form of completion and perfection. So what does it represent to you? What will this year, 2013, mean to you? Will it motivate you to strive for completion, perfection? Will it enhance you to greater harmony for a deeper balance within your life? Whatever your purpose or mission is for this new year, take each day as the means to your fulfillment. Endure each of life's ups, downs, twists and turns as keys to your success, not your demise! Never give up..but give "in" and embrace the POWER that lies within you! Stay Lifted!