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Korie Anne's "Love To Be Young" Campaign

Korie Anne is currently working on her first EP "Love To Be Young". The EP will have 5 Original songs associated with being young and enjoying life and are in the process of being written and having music arrangements created for them.

Korie Anne has taken her cover videos to a new level this year and moved away from the home recordings that she used to put up on YouTube to recording in studios to provide far better quality sounding audio and edited videos to provide more entertainment whilst enjoying the better sounding audio.

So now moving onto an EP of originals seemed like the perfect progression.

She needs your help though. It doesn't come cheap so we have opted to run a fundraising campaign as many other artists have done before us. With your help we can make this happen. All donations no matter how big or small will help bring this EP to life. If you are unable to donate then thats cool, maybe you could spread the word instead, every little helps.

Please check out the campaign video and read more about it all on Indiegogo... http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/love-to-be-young-korie-anne-s-first-ep

Love to be a part of things? Be a part of Love To Be Young.