Take the time to be productive, sitting around doing nothing will get you nothing. In order to make things happen you have to choose to first put your feet in motion.


Sometimes people say things before stopping to think how will this affect the other person a true friend will never say hurtful words and will always have time for you. I'm just saying.


This is truly a day to remember. Stop believing what people tell you and do your own research. Knowledge is truly power


Everyone walking round saying im the best, we're taking over stop and ask yourself the best at what or taking over what then re-think that position. With that being said have a great day


How can you expect someone to promote or market you when you dont take the time to do it yourself. Then you have the nerve to reach out to others. Well guess what if you dont care enough to promote yourself dont expect me too. Some ppl have the game twisted

Back at it

I get so tired of lazy people. If you want something in life you have to move your azz. I get so tired of ppl laying around waiting on the success of others for a paycheck. What happen to drive and motivated. PPl get to comfortable in their current positions and as a result the start lacking. Well it's time for you to either change or move the hell on

popping collars

sometimes ppl pop their collars too fast it's one thing to make moves but compare yourself to others doing the same thing then ask yourself what am I doing different.


ppl need to realize loose lips sinks ships. Learn to mind your own business. Speak only things that are necessary for you to speak. Play your position and damn stop trying to be something you are not just keep it real

Step your game up

Ppl think this life is easy you are so mistaken. Hard work and dedication is what it take. if you're not willing to do that then my suggestion is find something new to do cause music just not it

How Bad Do You Want It

Action speaks louder than words be about your business and drop the excuses smh