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2013 Connections

Hey Musicians/Artist Don't forget to send us all your links so we can show our full support.

We Want To Connect With You

Don't forget to send us all your links so we can show our full support ok.

LongLife RBN

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LongLife Radio Broadcast Networks

We are now in the process of taking care of all the fees and agreements with BMI, ASCAP,& SESAC. To ensure spins, royalty payments, and the success of all the artists/bands, and record labels, that allow us to serve them. We are thankful for LongLife Radio Broadcast Networks!!!


*****!!!!THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!!!!*****

Radio Spins

More and More Artist are giving away free music which makes Us a Huge Commodity by providing Radio Spins!!!!& other help!!!!! Contact us We Can Help in a Major Way!!!!LONGLIFEIINC@GMAIL.COM (DON'T FORGET THE 2 I's IN THE EMAIL ADDRESS)

1st of August

We are pleased to announce that our Global Marketing Campaign Launches August 1st 2012!!!

An Important Element*****

As always our minds race, (if you are a self driven person), how can we make this or that situation better. Well in the world of music no bakery can put icing on the cake better that a Great movie like high quality video or a video that dosen't speak to a culture but to the world as a whole. Invest in this at all cost and you will never regret it. It's like a doctoral degree you will always get the utmost respect.

Your Lifeline

Great Music (speaking to those with actual talent), Is nothing without a Perfect production. Yes production can and must be perfect. In terms of vocal levels verses background or music levels. the right effects and tweeks for the right song. For example you wouldn't add slap back delay to a song acapella. I promise production is your lifeline of your careers. Without it no one will take you serious. Now let's be real and down to earth. not everyone has hundreds of thousands of dollars laying around to record a record. So I strongly urge you to take these words serious. There is too much tech. out there for excuses nowadays. I personally recommend apple products, but if you can't afford apple products or afford $80-$100 per hr. for studio time, then you should try FL studios or Adobe Audition, I could go on here. Bottom line, thereis no reason under the sun for your music to sound like crap from the stereo to the car to the radio station. it should sound the same everywhere and if not learn how. There's schools, google and youtube, use the information at hand and learn how to properly mix and master your projects if you can't afford to pay someone. Music is a vital part of our lives and we the no musical talented need the musical talented to always offer your absolute best or offer nothing. Then and only then you will find true success.

Our #1 Goal

Our number 1 Priorty and Goal is to work in conjunction with what you are already doing and Push it Forward through a Powerful Network of Partners that want to see you succeed.