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You Have The Victor - Today And Forever!

*Declare this over your life (Daily), *Act on it, and watch how things start *Coming Together for you: 》 I have more to be *Thankful for than to *Worry about, because I am a *Survivor. My story doesn't end her. I am walking into my *Destiny by the *Grace of "God", and "No Weapon" formed against me "Shall Prosper". I am *Blessed to be a *Blessing, and my life is whole/complete in *Christ Jesus. Today is my day, and today "I Have The Victory!". Keep Growing!!!!...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Path Of Character!

Our "Free-Will" can do either 1 of 2 things: Make us. Break us. The defining moment between the *Two can be described by a beautiful *Phrase we like to call "Path of Character". All that means is: Choosing between the Negative or Positive outcome, but even then--- The choice is *Only ours...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Make This Go Viral!

Food for Thought : This is probably the most profound statement/question I've made in a while, and it is simply this: 》 What if those individuals at the top of the pyramid administering this *Concentrated Evil (that is very present) in today's world knew that they were *Hated beyond belief by the powers that be, and are only being befriended by those powers to ultimately administer in an even *Greater agenda? One that is strategically designed to destroy *Itself, and *Everything it touches. Question is: Would they still be so *Faithful to such a *Self-destructive cause?...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Quick Lesson!

Rebellion is born/breed from/out of many *Vices. But the one(s) most *Prevalent in this day and age is: 》Lack of *Knowing, and *Understanding the "TRUTH" about 1. The Creator. 2. His Purpose For Your Life. 3. The Reason For Time. 4. What Happens After Death. 5. The Value Of Our Own Individual Lives...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

The Awakening!

Food for Thought: "If we *Unite we stop the *Enemy from *Killing us". Here's the catch 22 though: 》 What if the *Enemy is "Us"? Do we *Immediately begin the process of reconstructing our belief system, perception of life/reality, and our *Character? ~Or~ Do we allow things to continue as they are with *No thoughts of *Hope for a better tomorrow/future?...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Objective Perception!

*Objective Perception will take you so far in life, and eliminate *Mountains of unnecessary headache, and stress, and the key to your success is being able to apply this concept to every area of your and redefine every *Negative situation for the *Positive Outcome, Believe, and Act upon it (the situation you redefined). It takes practice but once you get it, you got it, and its done. Keep Growing!!!!...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Patience and Understanding

It's so crazy how we as humans have a tendency to *Automatically Hate what we don't *Immediately Understand, further considering that thing a *Threat, and ultimately festering the desire to see it removed *Permanently. The crazy flip side to that is, -----that thing could very well be the one/and only thing that gets us on the receiving end of our *Breakthrough. Don’t be so quick to judge. A little bit of *Patience and *Understanding goes a long way...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Keep Being You!

If you're considered the "Black Sheep" in/of the family, embrace that fully and totally because there is something *Extra Special about you that God will use to Deliver *Nations back to Him and bless you in ways *Unimaginable to the human mind. But you gotta do your part: 1. Endure. 2. Grow. 3. Love Unconditionally...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Keep Pressing!

The honest truth is. Sometimes no matter how Positive you wanna be.....some days just SUCK!! There's no way around that. You just gotta press through them. With the notion that Tomorrow *Must/Will be a better day. But even then.....Nothing in this life is Promised, all the down to your next breath. Just gotta find that last bit of Faith/Hope/Power within yourself to say: I WILL MAKE IT, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!!...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Where Has Time Gone...

It's such an Interesting Dynamic to see the *Parking lots of McDonald's/Taco Bell/Burger King packed with Vehicles, and the Homes of Families *Empty with dinning table that haven't yet gotten the opportunity to Capture those *Priceless moments of Intrinsic Connection...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬