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J Cotti Releases His Debut Single

Coop and Cotti unite on the debut single "Blood Sweat & Tears". The single, produced by Tristan, is sure to be a solid debut for Jack. After years of struggles in the music business and failed attempts, Cotti finally gets the platform he deserves on this release.

Purchase your copy on Itunes or any digital retailer today!


Steven Cooper's "Life & Love"

Steven Cooper is set to release his latest album "Life & Love" on July 4th. The artist is already seeing some buzz around this record as previews of the album continue to leak online. Songs like "Bigger" and "Paid Dues" were the first to be released as singles to Itunes, and have been gaining in sales each week.

If you're a fan of Cooper, we can promise you that this album will far surpass your expectations. With platinum powered producers behind the desk and Cooper behind the mic, this album can't lose.

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Urbpop Records Signs Cash Hollistah.

We're proud to announce Cash Hollistah as the latest addition to the Urbpop family. Cash is a hard hitting rapper with fresh lyrics and positive vibes that appeal to both mainstream hip-hop lovers, as well as fans of "faith-based" rap music. His clever rhymes and fresh tracks always keep his fans on their toes. We look forward to building a great relationship and making music together.

-Urbpop Records