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New Artist Signed! Matthew Martinek...

Hey everyone,

We just signed the very talented Matthew Martinek. You can find him over on our artist roster tab for full samples of his music. Those are demos he created in his studio. He is a phenomenal artist and we are looking forward to recording his full length, professionally produced CD. Please support our new artist and fan him. Thank you!

Paul Putman CEO and Founder allaboutmyband.com

First Blog Post! Take a Look...

Well, we did it. We are DFW's newest and fastest growing indie label/artist service. Let's take a moment to congratulate us *pause for applause* thank you, thank you, no really you are too kind.

Now that the fanfare has faded let me briefly give a little blurb about what we do and why we are different. Firstly, our label is not only independent, but has ties to major promotional connections. In the event that your music picks up to the point that you are truly marketable, you will be surrounded by people who can launch you forward. Our job? To get you marketable. We have a studio in Southern California in addition to several in DFW. This is for certain bands who fit into the right musical genre and truly wish to take their music more seriously than most. Secondly, we do not take ANY part of your revenue. None. In special cases where a band needs an immediate recording and has no funding, we will make arrangements but never is it a mandatory part of any contract. These two thing already set us apart from the competition but let me add one more thing--when you come record with us, we charge by the song and not by the hour. Whether your project takes 5 hours, 50 or 500 your rate is flat which means you never pay a cent more than you planned. Ever. If additional costs rise, AllAboutMyBand will cover them for you. Those, and many more reasons are why we aim to be the one stop shop for all your musical needs.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Paul Putman CEO and Founder AllAboutMyBand.com