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Busy week keeps getting busier!

Wow! What a week! Three new bands. Four new venues. Lots of new bookings!

OK, Last week, I talked about bringing in some new bands. Well, they week, I can say that Deuces Wild and Trickbag are in big demand.

We also are doing some work with Hype War Machine, a fantastic three-piece Indie Rock band from Terre Haute that is laying down some of the best new music in the Wabash Valley.

We are working hard to fill out slots for these and all the other bands we are currently managing.

Let's take a look at the gigs for the rest of March.

The Ken Tucker Band: The Biggest Man in Blues will be playing with the boys – Blind JD Blue and Jimbo the Animal Alonso – at Al's Sports Bar in Imperial Lanes on March 24 (10 to 2). Then on the end of the month, The Ken Tucker Band heads to Bedford, Indiana, for a night at the Olde Downtown Tavern. Ken also plays acoustic blues Fridays at Ambrosini's from 7 to 10 p.m.

Deuces Wild: The boys will be pouring some great classic rock Friday and Saturday (March 23-24) at the North Star Tavern from 7 to 11 p.m. Then, they travel to Shirkieville to Midway Tavern from 10:30 to 2:30 p.m. March 31.

Dick James and the Blue Flames: Dicky and the band travels to the Midway Tavern in Shirkieville for a 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. show.

The Dave Frisse Band: Dave, Doris, and the rest travel to the North Star Tavern March 30 and 31 for 7 to 11 p.m. Shows.

Now that's a lot of live music for a two-week stretch.

If you are a band and are interested in representation, please give us a call today at 812-223-0979.

If you are venue owner, club manager, festival organizer, or a couple looking for a great wedding band, please call as well.

Rounding up recent events

For five years, I wrote a weekly column for the Terre Haute Tribune-Star. Then for 10 years, I wrote a monthly column for the Journal of Business. The problem with a weekly or a monthly column is having to write a monthly or weekly column. That mean having to come up with something to say each time the copy is due! Between the two, and plus the additional columns I wrote from time to time, we're looking at more than 500 columns alone. Regular articles are on thing. They are fairly easy to piece together. Columns take more time, usually more research and research of a different sort. But this is supposed to be a blog about my business. And I guess, as I write earlier, I've been too busy booking gigs and running the business to actually spend any time writing. So let's bring everyone up to speed on B3 Entertainment. The Ken Tucker Band has a completely new look, and Ken is sporting a brand knew Tradition S-200 with a red quilt finish. The guitar is as beautiful looking as it is playing. Right now, we're in the middle of a contest to name Ken's Guitar. More on that soon. Incidentally, Ken's not the only one with new gear. Jimbo Alonso is sporting a new set of beautiful Saluda Cymbals. They sound wonderful, and look fantastic. With Jimbo signing with Saluda, that makes all three members of the Ken Tucker Band playing endorsed instruments. Bryan Meyers is a grandfather again. As daughter Leah had a little boy. Bryan is quite proud of the little guy, and we at B3 send out best. Buy that boy a drum set immediately! BG McPike and Solly Burton are preparing for an album release, and a tour of the East coast. They return just in time to play at the Beautiful Blue Heron Winery in southern Indiana. That show is May 25. BG and Solly's new CD, Far Across the Pond, is a collection of Irish folk music released just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Speaking of CDs, The Dave Frisse Band latest release is well worth picking up. With a sound falling somewhere between Jazz, Rock and Blues, Dave and Doris and the rest of the band was on hand to see Jim Rasley honored with induction into the Wabash Valley Musicians Hall of Fame. The Good Feelings Band is getting ready for Prom Season. Miche Fambro has made it back from Europe, and is heading for Florida. God's Country is playing around the Wabash area. And we are pleased to announce the addition of Deuces Wild, a '60s and '70s cover group from Terre Haute. We will have more on them in a later blog. That's all for now. We will work hard to have something for next week.

Some thoughts on submitting: Album covers and festivals, New Bands

Some thoughts on submitting: Album covers and festivals

This last week, we submitting bands to 35 different festivals and events around the country, as well as to more than 300 clubs and bars around Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. We've got a new band in the works, and we'de love to let you know about it.

Submitting is part of the process. You can bet that we will be aggressively submitting every one of our bands out to venues around the country.

New CD Cover!

We have been working on Ken Tucker's latest CD, “Brutal.” As Ken's Agent and Manager, we have been helping him define this CD. Why is it called “Brutal?” Why that name? What does that convey to the listeners and Ken's fans.

Well, we came up with one idea, which has had mixed reviews. The positive reviews:

Love the concept! Very Sexy! Wow! Love that! I'd buy it regardless of what was inside! Very Eye catching! Playful!

The Negative Reviews:

This is too much. Way over the top! Not sexy enough! This is a big change from what you've done in the past. Why not just a picture of a live concert? Looks too much like a Heavy Metal cover. Odd choice for someone who played with a Christian Band.

There are more going in each direction. The photo in questions features B3's own Kim Faulds dressed rather provocatively, complete with riding crop, towering over a man lying on the ground. Only the man's legs show. In one of the three designs, Kim seems to be stepping on him.

While each of these photos appears to be “Brutal,” do they convey the music inside? And is that even important. Pink Floyd's Iconic cover for Darkside of the Moon, featured light passing through a prism. Is that what Darkside of the Moon was all about? No. The Beatles' so called White Album was extremely plain, especially when compared to the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band cover. Did the Abbey Road cover convey what was inside? No.

Ideally, a cover, as with any other graphic, should attract people to pick it up, look at it, and ultimately buy it. While the last part is important, the first two usually must take place for the third to happen, especially in this case, since the CD in question will probably be sold exclusively at bars, nightclubs, and festivals. Shock value may work to the seller's advantage.

The bottom line is sales. Will the design drive off too many of his current fans? Will it gather in more fans than we lose? If we take the middle ground, do we risk driving away both?

We'll let you know what we decide.

Incidentally, we greatly appreciate everyone who offered comments. Your feed back is important, even the person who suggested a nude cover.

New Band B3 Entertainment is in the process of helping in the creation of a new band. This yet-to-be-named group brings together three highly talented musicians who are sure to have a powerful impact.

The three musicians are Paul Frazier, Glenn Alexander, and Bryan Meyers. Let me tell you a little about each.

Paul Frazier is a tremendous electric bass player as well a moog player, who currently plays with the David Byrne (Talking Heads) Band. He's also a noted arranger, songwriter, and vocalist.

Glenn Alexander is a powerful guitar player, who has played with Levon Helms (The Band), and more recently the Max Weinburg 7 of Conan O'Brien fame. He too arranges, writes and sings.

Bryan Meyers is an accomplished drummer, most recently with the Kellie Ritchie Band, but has played with other groups around the country. And Bryan sings, writes and arranges as well

Bringing together three such talented musicians into one group can be a bit daunting. When they hit stage, expect great things. Currently, we are looking for venues around the Indianapolis area that may be interested in watching a bit of musical chemistry in action.

We promise to have a name by then.

If you would like to have any of B3's Outstanding Bands and Performers entertain for you, call us today for availability and rates.

B3 Entertainment Consultants
B3 Entertainment Consultants  (over 4 years ago)

Don't be afraid to comment on this! That's what it's for!!

Welcome to B3 Entertainment Consultants

A little about B3 Entertainment Consultants.

I thought I would begin this blogging process by explaining a little about where B3 Entertainment started.

My background in the entertainment industry started at Indiana State University, where I started out as a computer science major. No, not the game creating kind, but the “write programs to do accounting” kind. I lasted about a semester and a half, then changed to theater. Why not? I had performed in 8 productions in high school. I enjoyed it and had found a modicum of success doing it.

So I became a theater major, and along the way I discovered that I enjoyed writing. Creative writing to be exact. I took a couple of playwriting classes, and that lead me to take writing classes with Howard McMillen in the English Department. Upon graduation, this lead to earning a Masters Degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I produced the third Creative Thesis at ISU (The first ever generated on a computer, which I know really dates me). I also became the first ISU member of Sigma Tau Delta to be published in The Rectangle. I applied for several MFA programs and was accepted at American University, but did not attend.

Instead, I became an editor at the Tribune-Star, writing sports stories and occasional articles. After three months, and a minor layoff, I became the Arts & Entertainment Editor. I truly loved this job, and I worked hard at getting as much local coverage into each issue as I could. One part of this was covering local bands.

I had never really given local bands much thought. Granted, I had seen several of them perform at bars and clubs – including Eddie and the Motivators, featuring drummer Will Cox, who now plays for Dicky James and the Blue Flames – but I had never really considered them beyond the fun I had. Now as an entertainment reporter, I began to really listen to the bands, and their stories. How did they become a band? What are their backgrounds? What did performing mean to them? What inspired them? I had entered a world of performers that ironically I had ignored while studying theater.

Over the next few years, I interviewed nearly 100 bands and musicians. Along the way, I met some famous performers as well – Dizzy Gillespie, John Mellencamp, Hank Williams Jr., Josh Bell, Robin Trower, among others. I also met and became great friends with Boone Dunbar. I helped in the production of Boone's first album and for years, Boone told everyone that I was his agent.

After the Tribune-Star and I parted company, I spent a year as a technical writer for Sony DADC, and then became a college English teacher for a decade or so. Along the way, I became a father of four children – Stuart, Audrae, Moira and Caroline – all of whom became good musicians in their own right. I also found my way back into Journalism, become the publisher of three monthly newspapers in the Wabash Valley.

And I help start a little Blues Music Festival in Terre Haute – Blues at the Crossroads. For five years, I served on the board of directors, and was in charge of public relations and marketing. I designed posters, wrote press releases, spoke to reporters. I loved getting back into the music and entertainment field once again. After 5 years, I stepped aside. I still attend the festival every year.

This long rambling passage does bring us to B3 Entertainment. As I ran into various musicians I knew and respected, I was repeatedly asked if I was interested in booking gigs for them. After much consideration, I decided to try it. So far so good. All this I bring to B3 Entertainment Consultants – as a writer, a teacher, a journalist, an editor, a graphic designer, a publicist, and a booking agent. All these skills, and experiences I will bring to bear for the bands I represent.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!