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Rock EP Final Listing

Track Listing: Tonight I'll Hate Bulldozer 2.0 Take It Back Screaming Mad Flying Away (Coming Soon) All Songs Mixed by Slick Mud Tonight I'll Hate Music and Lyrics by Slick Mud Featured Artist: Ian Martinez (US) Guitars – Rango Jianhardt (Australia) Drums – Paul Fleming (Australia) Bass, Programming - Slick Mud Drums and Guitars tracked by Andrew Gosden (Coldroom Studios) Bulldozer 2.0 (Ray Gan Mix) Music and Lyrics by Rango Jainhardt Featured Artist: Rango Jainhardt Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys: Rango Jainhardt Drums: Paul Flemming Tracked by Andrew Gosden (Coldroom Studios) Take it Back Music by Slick Mud Lyrics by Charlie Berezansky Featured Artist: Charlie Berezansky (US) Vocals – Charlie Berezansky (US) Guitars – William Roncher (US) Bass, Programming, Orchestration - Slick Mud Drums – Robert Van Mauer (US) Screaming Mad Music and Lyrics by Stanton's Grave Featured Artist: Tony Ramone of Stanton's Grave (Ireland) Guitars and Bass: Slick Mud Drums: Mike Drums tracked by William Roncher Flying Away Music by Slick Mud Lyrics by Slick Mud Featured Artists: Han Uil and Danny Danzi Vocals: Han Uil Backing Vocals: William Roncher and Rango Jainhardt Guitars Danny Danzi Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Programming, Orchestration: Slick Mud Drums: Jim Schultz Drums tracked by Jim Schultz