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The CAMP Entertainment Network LLC / Blog


The Future belongs to two groups of people, those pioneering the coming innovation shift and those that choose to be apart of it. The CAMP is one of the shift bringers and now here is another opportunity for you to be "apart" of that shift by being "in" the shift through Avatar PR.

Avatar PR is a cutting edge public relations and marketing company that uses avatar driven 3D social networks to expose real life goods and service providers to the qualified users in theses virtual worlds. With Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and others offering very limited text and 2D image interaction only, 3D social networks are growing by leaps and bounds due to actually being able to interact in virtual clubs, stadiums, malls, offices, and more. Any real life environments are re-created for reaching potential buyers with a related product or service allowing avatars to engage one another in ways and activities that stimulate impulse commerce.

Avatar PR is a service provided by the CAMP that turns you into an avatar version of yourself and plugs you into this virtual grid with millions of international consumers hungry for new entertainment, the arts, fashion, films and more. Imagine you, or your band, breaking real world international markets as labels, promoters, investors and fans in those markets watch you tour clubs, show your films, present your fashions etc, on our tour circuit in this virtual spring board to doing this for real in those same markets. Interested, you know what to do. email us for more info, join now, thank us later.


Agents Of The System

Considering ourselves as unique individuals that make our own choices is very important to our way of life as well as our state of mind. Discovering the idea that most of us are merely reactionary consumers programmed to conform to the will of others could depress us and make us much less productive. So the popular bumper sticker belief that we are all marching to the beat of our own drum, is kept popular for a very good reason. Yet that reason is better for the select few profiting from the blissfully misinformed masses than it is if we happen to be one of the mostly misinformed .

From the very beginning, there have been those among us that have felt like they were meant to organize or direct the rest of us based upon qualifications in their own mind that distinguishes the controller from the controlled. Now I am a firm believer that some are meant to guide while others volunteer to follow however that’s quite different than believing in systems of control that coercively empower a select few while exploiting the masses. As a matter of fact all good teams start with a good coach so leadership plays an important role in how we roll as individuals and as a collective. Still there is a distinction between being lead and being controlled that really is what this sound off is all about.

Imagine if you will standing in clubs all across the country and suddenly being hit by how much what you see happening at that moment is identical to what you just saw happening in the last 10 clubs you were in. People making a huge effort to emulate or reduplicate the current trending idea of what comprises a hot club experience. The song selections, the way people are moving and even the pick up lines, all so the same you feel like you are watching a rerun of something you just watched last night on MTV or some movie. Independent expression from the accepted norms scripted out in music videos and television are few and far between if at all.

What’s even more apparent is the uniformity of expression and action in radio as well as indie talent trying to get to radio or labels. Young hopefuls simply parroting what they see their idols doing in order to have what their idols have. Cookie cutter behavior is born from a cookie cutter program that has become people’s reality. So when our thinking and our doing are both confined to a pre-existing authority or script for how something has to be, we become agents of whatever that particular system happens to be.

Of course people are not openly admitting that what they are doing is not really their idea or their feeling because they are being told it is and they are telling themselves it is. Yet the reality is that we can become agenda peddlers of someone else’s agenda. Desensitized soldiers carrying out orders that make life better for those at the type writing the orders than those carrying them out. Sleep walking our way through life in a comfort zone of less because having more requires so much more than being a drone.

Lastly, what’s important to note is that once you break from a particular system, it can be difficult maintaining an in the system out of the system relationship. Also understand that living outside the system you are dealing with less resources to do what you want to do because the system tries to monopolize all the options to us so we are forced to stay within the system to advance at all. It’s very easy eventually for true choice to look like a bad joke between those with power and those that want it bad enough to pretend they have it when they don’t. Yet in the end whatever allows you to express yourself is worth looking for and hopefully can avoid becoming just an all new system that is replacing an old one.


Shift Happens

Throughout our history significant events have happened in pop culture that changed the way we see each other, do business and more. When these changes happen in the worlds, of politics, entertainment, business (or whatever segment of life they happen) these changes have come to be known as “paradigm shifts.” Dictionary.com defines a paradigm shift as:

— n a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory

A few obvious shifts took place with the creation of file sharing, social networks and you tube. And, the impact of just one of these shifts is credited with the revolution and over throw of the established and long standing government of Egypt‘s Hosni Mubarack. So to say that a shift is a “radical change“, is actually an understatement. Now it’s important to note that innovative concepts birth the shift or accelerate and influence a shift already in motion

So whether something creates a shift or stimulates a process already in motion, that instrument of shift needs to be on our radar. Fully taking advantage of the opportunities shifts create comes through recognizing the shift stimulant before it become mainstream or common place and eventually is replaced by other shift catalyst at some point. For example, knowing what Facebook would be (at ground level) made billionaires out of some while others had no clue and are still upset over their missed opportunities. In like manner, seeing the CAMP Entertainment Network for what it really is now and what it is becoming, will be the success of many.

Imagine what entertainment, fashion and the arts will look like when anyone can make a living following their passion without needing record labels, radio stations, agencies or other hard to work with institutions. In a world where no artist is left behind, the feeling of making it will be for everyone instead of a very select few. The days of starving artists can be the exception instead of the rule and an Indie Nation Network aka The CAMP, can exists in chapters coast to coast and abroad. Sounds to good to be true I know but that’s what a shift can do. It can make what was once only a dream come true. The shift is in motion with or without us so strap yourself in Dorthy cause Kansas is going bye bye.