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RMG Announces Historic Recordings Now Available Online - 01

Resnik Music Group (RMG) announces the launch of its new website ResnikMusicGroup.com, a one-stop-shop for song-seekers of the entertainment industry & fans alike. "It's a busy place where music supervisors, artists, advertising agents, producers and game developers can now access an extensive catalog of fully cleared historical recordings that were unavailable until now." says L.R. Smith, the founder & CEO of SongGeeks™, the company responsible for the management of the online catalog. "The main RMG site links up directly with RMG's SoundCloud account containing over 700 fully cleared master tracks. The SongGeeks crew is adding an average of 100 songs a week to the growing collection and the response from RMG's target audiences has been overwhelming" says Smith. For music supervisors seeking period accurate recordings, it's arguable that the strength of the catalog lies in its collection of unsung musical heroes from the 50's, 60's & 70's. However, RMG seems to have a knack for delivering fresh tracks from up & coming talent like Suite Caroline & DJ Miller. This new RMG generation has some very cutting edge country-pop commercial master tracks that's converting a number of music supervisors into new fans. Nearly 20,000 listeners from 18 countries around the world have already stumbled across the RMG SoundCloud account, many of them following the iTunes links provided for quick & easy downloads of their favorite tracks. Considered one of the leading independent music publishers of songs prominent in UK & American Pop Culture, you've heard their songs featured in motion pictures such as 'Raging Bull', 'Coyote Ugly' & 'Quarantine' as well as in television programs like 'The Sopranos', 'Dancing with the Stars', 'American Idol' & 'Weeds'. Resnik Music Group is part of a new class of music provider that's aggressively making their recordings easily accessible to all music lovers online. With their 'straight from the source' approach, RMG has already leveraged the AirPlay Direct, SoundCloud and MusicSupervisor.com platforms to successfully place songs from its catalog in 'MadMen', 'Hugh Hefner's Playboy Club' and 'The X Factor', to name a few. "The historical aspect of this catalog seems hugely relevant," says LR Smith of SongGeeks™, "In fact, we continuously witness how today's mainstream culture is influenced by our illustrious musical heritage. Time & again industry professionals as well as new listeners prove to us the value of the musical roots we're exposing within this catalog. The listeners are the ones confirming its relevance to today's music - whether its intended assignment is in mainstream radio, retail broadcast, film or television. That drives us to deliver more of the RMG brand of authentic musical heritage to music supervisors, producers, and artists for their period specific project needs. We enjoy this music. Part of our mission is to insure that it's sentimental value has the greatest chance to continue to re-emerge and influence popular culture in a significant way."

RMG Announces Historic Recordings Now Available Online - 02

Robert 'Buddy' Resnik, owner of RMG adds: "Our goals have always been to identify the needs of our constantly evolving industry & fill those needs efficiently. We make the process of licensing our songs as easy as a listen, a phone call & an expedited email or fax. And that's what keeps our business flourishing. A lot of times, publishers fail to realize that we are in the fashion business, so we are adamant about staying current. We employ and develop talent from the younger generations coming up in the business. This helps us stay on top of trending technologies and to foster positive principles, wisdom & ethics in the future of the industry. The wonderful part is that working within the New Music Business as it evolves has also granted us fantastic opportunities to expand our reach to new listeners. And that's the part of this 'song databank' project that I most thoroughly enjoy." The fully cleared RMG catalog, spanning genres of Country, Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Sing-Alongs, Oldies & DooWop is growing daily and is now available on SoundCloud & MusicSupervisor via www.ResnikMusicGroup.com. For more information about Resnik Music Group, call 727-781-6933 or pay a visit to ResnikMusicGroup.com.