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IE Records, What kind of music we look for.

I just wanted to clarify things because I feel some people may be confused as to what kind of label IE Records is. For one, we are at our beginning stages we are currently not actively looking at bringing on other bands until our distribution and marketing is more established. We do love to hear new bands and always keep our eyes out for bands and artist that we may want to work with in the future, but right now we are focusing on pushing the two bands on our roster forward. Please give them a listen, this might give you some idea of what kind of music we search for.

About that subject. InvertedEarth Records is a very niche label. Though we do not want to limit ourselves to a very narrow genre, there is some attributes that we look for in artists. It is highly unlikely that we are looking for country or hip hop artists to sign. Nothing against those forms of expression we just have business relationships formed around other demographics. We are not trying to discourage people from sending music, but please check out the bands we already have and see if you fit anywhere relatively close to what we are pushing already. WIth all due respect. If you are the next big thing in Nashville or Hip Hop DJs are spinning your stuff, you need to focus on labels that will help you, that probably will not be InvertedEarth Records. Go check out our artist, if you like what we have to offer let us know, it is always appreciated. If you are just spamming up our site that causes a lot of frustration for a small organization like us and we would appreciate if you stop doing so. Thank you again.

Great Packages from Echelon High Last day today.

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